Who is Cavetown and Where is He Now?


There are all kinds of people in this world some are tall, some are short, some are fat, some are fat, some are thin, some are boy, some are girl, some are gay, some are lesbian, and some are transgender. Many people still don’t think that being gay or lesbian or transgender is okay and that’s why there are many who does not open up about their sexuality in front of others.

Because of this, people also get curious about popular persons if they are straight or not, and today in this piece of article we are going to be talking about Cavetown who many think is transgender but is he really though? Read the article to find out about his sexuality and other few things about him.

Short Biography of Cavetown

Robin Daniel Skinner who is widely known as Cavetown was born on December 15, 1998, in Oxford, England. He was born in a musical household as his mother is an expert flutist, baroque, and music teacher. As for his father David, he is a choir director and musicologist and as per the reports he was the one who taught his son Robin (Cavetown) to play guitar when he was just a kid.

Robin (Cavetown) is an independent English singer, songwriter, record producer, who lives in London. He is really loved by many people and only in May 2021 he had six million people monthly streaming his songs on Spotify. His album Sleepyhead also was listed on Recording Academy’s Sessions series.

Is He Transgender?

Cavetown is indeed transgender and he has described his sexuality as asexual and romantic. As per the sources, he is currently single. If you search you can even find his pictures when he used to be a girl but as of 2020 he became transgender.

Since 2020 he started using pronouns like he/him and they/them.

His Social Media Presence


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He is active on major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. On Facebook, he has more than 59k likes with more than 67k people following him, on Twitter he has more than 280k followers, and similarly on Instagram he has more than 750k followers.

He is also active on Youtube where he uploads his music and a few other videos, he joined Youtube on November 25, 2012, and has more than 1.8 million subscribers.

He is also pretty active on Soundcloud where he uploads his songs or records and he has more than 67k people following him. He is also available on Apple Music and Spotify and on Spotify he has now 7,618,664 people monthly listening to his recordings or music.

His Stage Name Cavetown

His stage name Cavetown has become popular and known globally and according to the reports, he prefers being called Cavetown instead of his real name Robin Daniel Skinner.

How Much Does He Earn? (His Net Worth)

There is not much information available about his earnings or net worth as he has not said anything about it so we don’t really know how much he earns but his main source of income is his music and it is estimated that his net worth is around $2.5 or $2.8 million.

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