Who is Camelia Kath? About Her Marriage and Personal Life

Camelia Kath

You might have heard or even know who Camelia Kath is as she is one of the most talented American actresses who has worked in Television Shows, movies, and documentary like Fake-Out, The Terry Kath Experience, The Killing Time. She is better known as the widow of popular American musician Terry Alan Kath.

Terry Kath was the lead singer and guitarist of the rock group Chicago, on January 23, 1978, he died as he accidentally shot himself to death. After his death, Camelia was heartbroken and she was single for a long time but after around nine years she got married again to a Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland, but for some unknown reason they split up in 1990.

Today in this blog post we will be looking through Camelia’s life, what happened to her husband, what is she up to these days, and her relationship status.

Early Life of Camelia Kath

Camillia Emily Ortiz better known by Camelia Kath or Camilia Lynn was born on September 22, 1953, in Purto Rico, United States. She grew up in her hometown Purto Rico but later she along with her parents moved to West Hollywood, California. She belongs to the white race and holds an American nationality. Camelia has been quiet about her personal life so we don’t really know much about her, hence there is no information about her school life or about her parents.

Camelia’s Career

As I have already mentioned above, Camelia is a professional actor. She is known for her roles on The Killing Time (1987), and Fake-Out (1982), but she began her professional acting career in the movie Terror on Tour in the 1980s, where she played a small role.

Writing Career

Camelia is best known for playing in movies but she has been successful in a variety of professions. She is also a film producer and has produced several films and also, she is a professional makeup artist.

Camelia is also a writer or let’s say that she has tried writing as well. In 1999 there was a series called The Nanny and there was an episode called The Dummy Twins which was written by none other than Camelia and according to the sources she was an executive assistant for more than 10 episodes of the series.

Film Production

Like mentioned several times, Camelia has worked on several movies and television series, not only as an actor but as a writer, producer, and makeup artist.

In the documentary movie called Mr. Blue Sky: The Story of Jeff Lynne & ELO, she contributed as a makeup artist, and also in 1999 she also produced a short film or movie called Roundabout.

How Did Camelia & Terry Kath Met?

Well, there is no information on where they exactly met but according to various sources, it is believed that Camelia met Terry when she was still a teenager in June 1972 and after dating for few years, in 1974 they got married and they were really happy but fate had something other planned for them (Note: Before marrying Camelia Terry was married to a woman named Pamela Robinson for five years from May 1970 to May 1975).

Terry was a founder member, lead singer, and guitarist of the rock group Chicago, he used to carry a gun and he died of his own gun unknown there were any bullets. As per the reports on January 23, 1978, he was constantly playing with his revolver and when he put it to his head he pulled the trigger (note: he did not know there were bullets), the report was also confirmed by the Don Johnson technician of the band.

According to Johnson, he tried to stop him but he showed the empty magazine and unknown of the bullet he pulled the trigger against his head killing himself accidentally. At the time he was just 31 years old. After his death Crosby’s, Stills & Nash sideman Donnie Dacus replaced Terry.

Camelia’s Second Marriage

Camelia Kath with Terry

After Terry’s death, Camelia remained single for many years, a decade precisely speaking. She had a very hard time moving on but she knew she will have to move on eventually so she decided to move on and started dating British-born Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland.

After dating for some time they were deeply connected to each other and they decided to get married and finally in September 1987, they took a vow. As Kiefer was previously married and had children, Camelia became the stepmother of his children of his ex-relation.

They decided to split up shortly after their marriage, According to the reports Kiefer didn’t give time to his family, and after Camelia gave birth to their daughter Sarah, things could not be as before and she wanted Kiefer to give them more time but he did not so in 1990 they got divorced.

Camelia’s Children & Grand-Children

Although Terry is gone Camelia still has his memories and their child Michelle Kath who was born on May 19, 1976. Her daughter is a well-known and successful film director and producer.

Camelia has another daughter who she had with her second husband Kiefer Sutherland, Sarah Sutherland and she was born on February 18, 1988. Sarah is an actor just like her mother and has already worked in several television series and few movies.

Michelle Camelia’s older daughter is married to Adam Sinclair and they even have two children. Robert Quinn Sinclair and Hamish Sinclair are the grand-children of Camelia Kath.

Is Camelia Single?

No, she is not, she is in a relationship with an English singer, songwriter Jeff Lynn. Reports suggest that Jeff and Camelia are together since 2008 and it is really good to see even after thirteen long years they are still happy with each other.

They have been seen together on various occasions like, back in 2019 September they were seen together at an ELO concert and also in 2008 February the couple were seen together at some event in Los Angeles, California. Will they be together forever? well, that’s a million-dollar question but let’s just pray for their relationship.

How Much Does She Earn? (Her Net Worth)

Anyone can guess that she earns a good amount of money after working in several films but aren’t we forgetting something? Yes, she must have received an amazing deal from her divorce settlement with her second husband Kiefer Sutherland.

After analyzing all about her and reading all the reports on her it’s estimated that she has a net worth of $1.4 million.

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