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Who is Calahan Skogman? (Parents, Social Media)



Calahan Skogman

Calahan Skogman’s real name is Calahan Wade Skogman. He is an American actor famous for portraying the role of Matthias Helvar in Netflix’s very famous fantasy television series titled Shadow and Bone.

Calahan’s Early Life and relationship with his parents

Calahan was born in Green Bay. But he did not grow up here. Actually, he grew up in Wisconsin. As a teenager and a young adult, Calahan was a star basketball and football player. He was accepted early in the University of Minnesota from Seymour Community High School. After that, Calahan transferred to the University of Wisconsin, Los Angelos where he continued to play basketball. He also got a degree in Theatre Performance broadcasting from this school and then went on to graduate with a Masters’s degree in Acting.

So, yeah Calahan is very well-read and has an incredible knack for acting in many big roles. He is attached to his parents as well. Both of his parents are still living. Their names are Stefani and Wade Skogman. Calahan actually is a part of Nordic ancestry but in terms of ethnicity, he is mixed – Part Nordic and Part Italian. His parents are active on his Instagram account and both of his parents are quite supportive of him as well.

Calahan has the physique for acting

In addition to talent, Acting requires a physical presence. An actor should be good-looking, have a great height, and have proportionate weight. Calahan ticks every box in this regard. He weighs around 95 Kgs which is good for a man of 6 feet 4 inches. In addition to this, he has quite a nice muscle formation and a decent personality to add to that.

Social Media Presence of Calahan


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We mentioned how great of a personality Calahan is. And this can be seen in his Instagram as well. On his Instagram, Calahan has a huge following. He has more than 17K followers as of now on his official account. He uses this account to connect with his fans and shares pictures of different parts of his life in addition to sharing pictures of himself too. Social media can be used for making money too and Calahan does that with different brand deals and endorsements.

Calahan’s Career in the Entertainment Industry

Calahan is very interested in the Entertainment industry. He is quite popular for his roles in the Netflix series titled Shadow and Bone. Aside from this, he has also made appearances in different movies and films such as Smile, Visions, and more.

What are Shadow and Bone about?


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Shadow and Bone is actually a young adult Fantasy Adventure novel. It is written by an author named Leigh Bardugo. The novel was published by Macmillan Publishers in June of 2012. But What is the plot of this Novel About? Well, the novel is narrated by Alina Starkov who is an organ that grew up in the fantasy land of Ravka. She harnesses power from this land that she did know she had for saving her childhood best friend. Alina becomes a target and thus different mysteries unfold. The first book of the series was so good that Leigh ended up writing two more books titled ‘Siege and Storm’ and ‘Ruin and Rising.’

The story is very well written and because of this reason, Netflix decided to adopt it and turn it into a series. Thus, the Shadow of Bone series on Netflix was born. The show premiered in the April of 2021. It has since gained a very big fanbase and has become one of the most famous shows on Netflix. The first season of the show follows Book 1 of the trilogy and it has a total of 8 episodes. The next two seasons will probably follow books 2 and 3.  The show has reached worldwide and more than 55 million households in the world have watched it. This is a huge number.

The show features Calahan and his acting on it is top quality. He became a household name thanks to Shadow of Bone.

Calahan Skogman’s Net Worth

Calahan Skogman has an estimated net worth that exceeds USD $100K. This income is from his highly rated appearance in the Shadow of Bone series. The show has been raking in many viewers on Netflix and it’s doing great. Apart from acting, he has many other careers as well. He is a model, does advertisements, and has brand deals to support himself as well.

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