Who is Byron Yawn and Where is He Now?

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Byron Yawn is a former pastor elder of Community Bible Church in Nashville and he came to the limelight and controversies after he was sued for $6 million by the former American professional baseball player Ben Zobrist. Talking about Ben he used to play for Tampa Bay Devil Rays/Rays, Oakland Athletics, Kansas City Royals, and Chicago Cubs of the Major League of Baseball.

He has won the world series championship twice and he is also known as a super-utility player. So why did Ben file a lawsuit against Byron? What did Byron do? We will answer all these questions in this article, so stay with us to know what actually happened between Ben and Byron.

Why Did Ben File Lawsuit Against Byron?

The reason why Ben file a lawsuit against Byron is according to Ben Byron had an affair with Ben’s wife Julianna Zobrist. As per the reports, He filed a lawsuit back in May.

Ben and Julianna were married back in 2005 and they also share three children Blaise Royal Zobrist, Zion Benjamin Zobrist, and Kruse Allegra Zobrist. As per the lawsuit, Ben and Julianna met Byron over 16 years ago in church, and Byron used to be their pastor and spiritual adviser back in 2005.

Ben claims that Byron misused his position as their counselor and spiritual adviser and he had an ungentlemanly sexual relationship with Julianna. It seems that Byron was also giving them marriage, depression, and anxiety counseling and Julianna began to talk to Byron daily in 2018 and according to the lawsuit Ben didn’t know about their affair until June 2020.

Are Ben and Julianna Still Together?

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In 2019 Julianna said to Ben that they might have an emotional affair so Ben decided to take a leave from the Chicago Cubs and according to his lawsuit he lost $8 million because of the leave.

In May 2019, Ben filed for divorce with Julianna and according to reports, Julianna claimed that Ben took a leave of absence to work on their issues, and is found to be liable for failing to preserve marital assets. On the other hand, Ben’s lawyer claimed that Julianna’s claim is totally silly and he also added that Ben had to face utmost anxiety and stress, and we can also imagine how mentally challenging and hard it might have been for him.

Later Jualianna accepted that she lied to Ben about her relationship with former pastor Byron and after the lawsuit, Byron was put an end to being a pastor in March 2019. It seems that Byron also tried to take advantage of Ben to get more athletes or public figures to come into his non-profit Forrest Crain & Co counseling firm.

As mentioned Julianna claimed that Ben took a leave of absence to work on their issues and is found to be liable for failing to preserve marital assets and she has filed a case against him and she is also demanding $4 million after Ben filed a case against the former pastor.

On the other hand, because of extreme mental pressure, Ben had to retire from playing baseball. Talking about whether Julianna and Byron had a sexual relationship or not, both have agreed on having an affair and Byron even said that a woman has every right to choose whom she wishes to be with.

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