Who is Brazilian Hot Model, Bru Luccas?

bru luccas

Bru Luccas is a social media star and hot model who came into the limelight due to her curvy body and slim figure. She made good popularity in the world of the internet due to her attractive figure.

When she uploaded her first bikini photo on her Instagram account it began to catch fire and she got a lot of followers and likes.

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Bru was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and her birthdate is 1994 making her a young 25 years model and fitness influencer. She is famous due to her huge fan base on Instagram, Luccas has more than 4.4 million followers in her profile and her Instagram account name is ‘bruluccas‘.

At the moment, there is no information about her parents and siblings. So, we don’t have any deep information about her parents and siblings. Bru completed has completed her higher education but she had never enrolled in university.

She moved from Brazil to California to pursue the American dream and American life, her dream was to become a model.

What ethnicity is Bru Luccas?

She is a Brazilian and her ethnicity is white, talking about the weight she is about 122 pounds or 55 kgs.

Bru’s height is about 5 feet and 7 inches making her height average. Her body shape is curvy and her hair color is natural brown with the glowing black color eye.

Moving to the USA 


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Bru moved from Brazil to the USA in a dream to uplift her career, after she came to this country she started to search for various jobs and found a part-time job as a helper at McDonald‘s kitchen. After getting some experience over there she later joined as a cashier at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos.

She might have never thought that her dream to become a model will go to be fulfilled soon because in June 2017 she added a new photo to her Instagram profile wearing swimwear went viral which captured over more than 200K followers, initially her profile has only 3k followers. All this happened the week after she posted her new photo.

Since then she has been a famous face in the world of models, she also did a contract and deals with many businesses including Fashion Nova.

Luccas has made agreements with other brands and beauty companies so, it is sure that made a lot of money from her career. Due to having an immense amount of followers by now, she has started her own swimwear business with the name ‘Body & Sisters’ with her sister.

Workout Tips from Bru Luccas

Talking with Cosmopolitan, she said that she was doing workouts from an early age when she was just 15. Luccas always thanks her mother for this because her mother was a fitness freak and she also taught her to do workouts from an early age.

On her website Greatest Physiques, you can find the tips she is teaching to get a fit and fine body. She has shared a routine that we can follow to make a body look like her.

She said that a balanced diet is a key to remaining fit and fine but this is the thing that other people miss easily. Bru spends her lots of time doing exercise and workout and she also does swimming four times a week to make her body strong.

Who Is Bru Luccas Dating?


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There has no exact information about this beautiful lady’s love life but it looks like she is dating Aleksey Appollonskiy but there is no strong evidence.

Even if she is in a relationship then this might be secret because we can only know about her relationship if she added her boyfriend photo to her Instagram account.

Did Bru Had Plastic Surgery?


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Due to her curvy body, many people won’t believe her body is natural and they think that she did plastic surgery.

Once the model has did revealed that she had plastic surgery. As per her post, “I decided to get implants! Everybody knows! This post is for the women WHO are interested in my implants because I receive a LOT of questions about them. I have 400cc outside of the muscle. I got them done in Tijuana with Dr. Salas! I got them done in April and love how they ended up falling with a more natural of a look!”

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