Who is Alesha Dixon husband, Azuka Ononye?

Alesha Dixon with Azuka Ononye

If you have ever seen celebrity events recently, you might have seen Alesha Dixon and Azuka Ononye be the best-dressed couple. The two bring out the best color in each other. In a recent event, Alesha wore Pink and had quite a look about her.

Dixon’s marriage to Azuka is actually her second and it is quite successful. She had a brief marriage with MC Harvey that ended after a year. This was mainly because of Harvey’s affair with Javine. Anyway, today we talk about Dixon’s current husband Azuka Ononye.

Who is Azuka Ononye?

Azuka Ononye was born in the year 1980 in England. Right now, he is 40 years old. His parents are from Africa. Azuka is a Nigerian and he grew up there with his siblings. Aside from this, we don’t really have that much information about his parents. We also don’t know what his siblings’ names are. We do know that he was involved in the performance arts ever since a child. He used to perform and act in different promotions. He lived in Fulham when the family came to England.

Azuka’s Career

Azuka started off his career first as a model and he performed in Nigeria as well. Later when he moved to UK, he made sure to follow his own journey. He was a struggling artist when he started to date his future girlfriend Alesha Dixon. Dixon was a recording artist and she was impressed by Azuka’s dance performances. She gave him a chance to dance in her third album. This gave Azuka a much needed attention in the UK’s entertainment industry. He was then offered a performance slot at the Miss World Show of 2010. This gave his career quite a boost.

In addition to Alesha, Azuka has also worked with many other famous celebrities such as  Whitney Houston, Beyonce, and Tinie Tempah. Not only that, Azuka has also performed in many big stages such as the X-Factor.

He has also been in different advertisements. He was part of the promotions for brands like Guinness, Captain Morgan, Levis Dockers, Ford, and T-Mobile. Azuka also made a transition to acting. His debut movie was titled ‘Fractured Space.’ It came out in 2016. He also appeared in the movie titled ‘Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.’

Is Alesha Dixon currently married to Azuka Ononye?

Yes, Alesha is married to Azuka. It was rumored that she did a secret marriage to Azuka in the year 2017. They have still to confirm their marriage. In an appearance on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show Christmas Special in the December of 2017, Alesha broke the silence. She introduced Azuka as her husband and this kind of broke the internet. But the weird part is that she was not really wearing a wedding ring when she made that announcement. There are also no photos or any other concrete proof of their marriage!

Alesha Dixon and Azuka Ononye’s Relationship

If the rumors are right, the couple were probably dating since 2012. They first became good friends and then converted their relationships. Alesha said that she was playing hard to get for about a year. But after that, she had an operation and she couldn’t even walk. Azuka helped her during this time and made sure she was taken care of. This really made Alesha have a soft spot for Azuka and this is how the two got even closer.

Does Alesha Dixon have any children?

Yes. In fact, she does. Alesha and Azuka do have two daughters right now. Their names are Azura and Anaya. Azura is six years old and Anaya will turn one very soon. Alesha previously said that she didn’t want to have children until she met her partner. The two have quite a great marriage and since they have common morals and values, it was easy for them to have children. In an interview, she mentioned that Azuka’s and she’s thinking aligned and so, she had the children.

How much is Azuka Worth?

Azuka is quite a talented star. He came from humble beginnings and made it to the spotlight. Azuka has established himself as quite a celebrity and is well off financially as well. He performs on multiple platforms and makes a killing. Azuka also has some smart investments and his net worth is around $4 million. We are very sure that he will make more money in the future.

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