Who is Aurora Rose Levesque? (Stephanie McMahon and Triple H Daughter)

Aurora Rose Levesque

Aurora Rose Levesque is the daughter of the famous WWE Stars Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Triple H’s real name is Paul Levesque so, that is how Aurora has got her name. Her mother is Stephanie McMahon is the daughter of Vincent Kennedy McMahon, the owner of the WWE. So, Is Aurora also involved in the wrestling business? Is she a fan of Wrestling and what do her parents think about her future? Well, let us find out in this article and see for ourselves.

Aurora’s Early Life and Birth – Stephanie did not take a Leave!

Aurora was born in a Monday evening in the state of Greenwich, Connecticut. This is the place where WWE’s headquarters are. She was born in the year 2006. At the time of her birth, She weighed around 8 pounds, and her grandfather Vince McMahon announced the news of Aurora’s arrival during an episode of Monday Night RAW.

Aurora is an American but from her Mother’s side, she has some Irish genes. Her father, on the other hand, has some French-Canadian roots.

It is also a crazy fact that her mother actually did not take leave when she was born. She kept on working for the WWE with her unborn child in her!

Who are Aurora’s Siblings?

Aurora has sisters named Murphy Levesque and Vaughn Evelyn Levesque. They were born on the 28th of July 2008 and August 24, 2010. Although they are still pretty young, Stephanie says that her youngest daughter really likes to watch Wrestling and she hopes to see her on a Wrestling Ring one day.

Stephanie, in an interview, said that her daughters like to have dummy matches at home and they play wrestling with each other for fun. She also said that she fears her daughters being bullied as they are the daughters of famous TV personalities.

She also admitted that the children will have a bit different life than other kids just because of the job that her parents do. In fact, Stephanie also grew up being the daughter of famous TV personality Vince McMahon so, she knows that feeling. Stephanie is very understanding of that and she has made it her first priority to make sure that her children do not have to face all the bullying problems.

Is professional wrestling a plan for Aurora?

Aurora likes to Wrestle Already. Stephanie has even said that her daughter has already started her training. She is just 14 years old now!

She said this in an interview with Fox. She also said that Aurora was preparing to be a pro wrestler and she is actually taking it seriously. Her mother says that she has been bitten by the wrestling bug.

Aurora is actually being trained by WWE Superstars Natalya and Charlotte Flair.  Her mother says that Aurora is inspired by these WWE superstars and she wants to grow up to be like her. Aurora also cites Linda McMahon as his role model. Linda used to be the CEO of the WWE at one point. Stephanie wants to instill discipline in Aurora and make her future brighter in Wrestling.

Triple H and Stephanie – The Power Couple of WWE

Aurora Rose Levesque with Triple H

Triple and Stephanie dated for a while before marrying. They are Aurora’s parents and WWE did not stop them from dating despite they worked in the same company. Add to that, Stephanie is the daughter of the boss himself!

Anyway, their romance started and they actually broke up once. After a while, they patched up again and then got married to start a family. Since they got worldwide fame from wrestling, their relationship was also blended into the storyline and it worked out pretty well. They were shown as a “Power Couple” in WWE’s storyline but that actually became reality later on.

It s said that they wed in Las Vegas in 1999 and as it was an On-Screen Marriage, it was kind of true. The off-screen wedding took place in 2003 though, much later than the on-screen one.

Stephanie has revealed that she and Paul liked each other from the get-go and they had chemistry pretty soon. They became even big in the coming years and along with their Stardom, they took WWE to next level as the behind-the-scenes executives.

Stephanie generally plays the role of the Authority figure in WWE and she does it on Shows such as RAW, NXT, and even Smackdown. Aurora’s father Triple H is a multiple-time WWE champion and he is a big asset for WWE. Currently, though, he works as the Executive Vice President of Global Talent. In addition, he is the COO for WWE. And he produces NXT as well.

How did Vince McMahon react to Triple H and Stephanie’s relationship?

Vince McMahon is the big boss of WWE and he kind of made it difficult for Stephanie and Triple H to get together. This was mainly because their relationship made him a bit uncomfortable. Vince actually thought it was quite funny and it wasn’t until much later that Vince finally gave them the Go sign and the two hit it off. After that, they got married and everything worked out fine.

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