Who is Alex Landi? (Gay Rumors, Dating Doja Cat)

Alex Landi

Alex Landi is famous as Dr. Nico Kim in Grey’s Anatomy TV series, this guy also rank on top as the hot TV doctors of all time. Many people ask thinks him as a gay and some think him as Doja Cat’s Boyfriend.

He has also appeared in Doja Cat and SZA’s music video “Kiss Me More”, in the video you can see him as a shirtless guy. And his role as a gay Dr. Nico Kim made many viewers of Grey’s Anatomy think he as a gay, but what is truth we will know about it in this article.

Is Alex Landi Gay?

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(Source: Attitude Magazine)

Alex Landi is not a gay, he just plays a role on the show as a openly gay doctor but in reality he is not a gay because he has never committed himself as a gay from any sources.

Sometimes, Landi has also spoke publicly about what it feels to to play a gay character for any straight man like me and talking with Attitude Magazine he also said that in the set not everyone will get the equal opportunities in 2019.

While playing on the Grey’s Anatomy as a Doctor Kim he was in a relationship with Dr. Levi Schmidt (played by Jake Borelli, who also come out as a gay in 2019) made many fans of this show misunderstand and raise many questions about his sexuality.

Also Landi told to Gay Times, that the role of Dr. Kim as a gay big deal to him and he also said, “In entertainment, I think Asians make up less than 3%, while LGBTQ people make up less than 1%. It is super impressive that they combine both of those categories into one role.”

Is Alex Landi Dating Doja Cat?

If you had watch the music video “Kiss me more” than you might had saw that Doja was seducing Alex sexually this made many fans of Doja think that Doja Cat and Alex Landi are dating but this is normal kind of scene in Doja Cat’s music videos.

Everything about Doja and Landi is just a rumor and their romance is only on music video as far as we know, some fans has also thought that Alex was a Doja interest but we don’t know anything about it.

Also, Landi Instagram account has never added any romantic photo with Doja.

Keep in mind that Doja Cat has a boyfriend and his name is Johnny Utah.

Does he have a girlfriend?


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Till now Landi has never revealed about his girlfriend or wife and many sources has also said that he is single by now. But as far as we know that this guy has a crush on former Grey’s Anatomy role player Dr. Cristina Yang, real name Sandra Oh.

Once there was also rumor that this guy was on a relationship with Jamie Choi who is also an Asian actress, one time this couple has appeared together on Venice Family Clinic Hosts 37th Annual Sliver Circle Gala and the time was in March 2019 and they also seen on event happened at Santa Monica, California.

Jessica is also an actor as we already said and if you want to know about her acting than you can watch her on Gotham season 1 as receptionist.

Who are Alex Landi Parents?

Alex Landi was born in September 28, 1992 and his birthplace was in New York, USA also his nationality is American but his ethnicity is more likely to be Asian-American.

His father is Italian and his mother is from Korean base this makes his looks a bit like Asian.

He has played on some TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19, Insatiable (TV series) and Walker (TV series). Till now he has not played on any movies but we hope to see him soon on movies as well.

Landi father name is Joseph and he is a healthcare PR strategist who has also completed a study in scientific communications, his father has experience of brand promotion, issues management and also in medical writing.

On his career time he was president for Landmark Communications and for HealthLand Communications LLC.

Talking about Landi mother her name is Nana besides her name we don’t have any information about her personal and professional life. But Nana can be seen frequently on Alex’s sister Instagram account. While checking Alex sister account we saw that his mother is on her 59 but still she looks more younger and active.

Many times Alex has tribute his mother and father for his success, he also called them as his career backbone.

Who is Alex Landi Sister?


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Alex sister name is Jennifer Landi and she is three years younger than him. Jennifer has not made any walk on movie industry but she is also on the same field like her brother in entertainment industry. She has already made her great walk on music industry and she is trying her best to release a new song which can make her very famous.

Checking her Instagram account it has been found that she has over 1k followers and her username is @Jlandss.

Also after some research it has been found that Alex sister has also helped Alex on his career by motivating and supporting.

How Tall is Alex Landi?

Alex is a handsome guy whose height is about 6 feet and 1 inches whereas, his body measurements are – chest 42 inches, waist 31 inches and inseam 32 inches.

He is a tall guy with black hair and brown eye.

Is Alex Landi Rich?

Alex Landi has net worth of $3 million as of 2021 and he is still making more money in coming future. Being actor on many hit shows has made him big fortune.

He has already played on more than 12 movies and TV shows from where he makes his most of the income. Besides, that he has also played on many commercials for LG, Nike, Calvin Klein and for many more.

This guy is still young so there are many years to achieve his goal and milestone.

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