Who does Rory Gilmore end up with?

Rory Gilmore

While most might argue that Rory Gilmore needs no men, but we are also equally curious as to who Rory Gilmore will end up with. Well if you are wondering who Rory Gilmore is or if you haven’t watched the television series ” Gilmore Girls” then we highly recommend you to watch the series because the article contains some major spoilers from the series. Proceed at your own risk.

Gilmore Girls is an American rom-com drama TV series that ran for 7 years and 8 seasons between 200 and 2007. Amy Sherman-Palladino was the creator of the show that stared Lauren Graham(Lorelai Gilmore) and Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore).  The series debuted on 5th October 2000 on The WB. The first seven seasons were broadcast on The WB. Burt the final season of the series was broadcasted on The CW and ended its run on 15th May 2007.

Later the main cast and the creator of the show returned for the four-part miniseries revival “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” in 2016. The show became the WB’s second most popular show in its fifth season. It has been ranked as one of the 100 greatest television shows of all time in the Ties Magazine and cited in TV (The Book).

The series revolved around the story of a mother and daughter named Lorelai and Rory. They are more like best friends and less like mother and daughter. Even though Lorelai was from a rich family but she doesn’t get along with her parents. But she had to ask for their help for her daughter’s education. Her parents Emily and Richard agree to help her but they have a condition that Rory and Lorelai just join them every Friday night for dinner.

But Lorelai loved being independent we get to see the show’s first and continuos hurdle. The definition theme of the show is the contrasting mother-daughter relationships of Emily-Lorelai and Lorelai-Rory. The series also throws some light on both women’s ambitions. Rory has the ambition to attend Harvard University and become a Journalist and her mother’s ambition is to open an inn with her best friend Sookie St. James. Also one of the important characters in the show is Lane Kim.

Now let’s get into the story.

Rory meets Dean Forester

Rory and Dean Forester

Rory first meets Dean Forester at Stars Hollow High School. David was the first love of Rory. She loved him soo much that she almost didn’t go to Chilton because of him. But she decided to go b because her mother had made huge sacrifices for her. They start dating for two seasons but couldn’t continue their relationship as they end up breaking up. Dean confessed his love for Rory on their 3-month anniversary but she had something else in mind and she told him that she would think about him. Rory is escorted by Dean when she makes her debut at a debutante ball hosted by her grandmother’s chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. They even had their first kiss which was a bit clumsy but all the more delightful.

But they start to grow apart from each other when Rory immerses herself in her one true ambition to attend Harvard University. Dean wants to be with Rory and complains about how busy she is. But that only pressures Rory more as she is already under the stress of working hard to get into Harvard. Their relationship starts deteriorating, even more, when  Jess Mariano moves to the town and Rory gets allured by his humor, bibliophile nature, and chars. Rory was just trying to be friendly with him at first, she finds herself falling for him.

Jess Mariano was the right one for Rory?

Dean already knows that he has lost Rory and decides to break up with her in the third season. Right after the next episode of their break up Rory kisses Jess. Many of the fans thought that Jess was the right one for Rory. However, they met at the worst time possible. Jess is a sort of bad boy and they were like enemies at first, but they end up being together. Despite Rory being in a relationship with Dean, Jess and Rory share a kiss. After that, she goes to Washington without contacting him at all. But what’s interesting is that Rory’s idea of stable life has never been without Dean, which is why they remain friends and she starts behaving ludicrously.

After breaking up with Dean, Rory, and Jess start dating the very day. But they remained friends and that made Jess insecure. Rory doesn’t care about Jess’s feelings and she’s also unaware that Dean had threatened to beat Jess. Furthermore, she tells Jess that she trust Dean more than him, putting a nail on the coffin. Jess had a deal with his uncle that he can only stay if he graduates. But, he skips school to go to work at Walmart, causing him unable to graduate. So he is no longer allowed to stay with his uncle and he decides to leave to go to California to see his estranged father. Thus effectively breaking up with Rory. However, he returns later and tells her that he loves her but he leaves her once again.

Rory’s affair

Rory reconnects with Dean while she is at Yale. But Dane was already married to a schoolmate named Lindsay, right after they graduate High School. Even though he was merrily married, he still missed Rory, and they eventually have an affair.  Rory’s affair literally destroyed Dean’s married life as he doesn’t even listen to his wife when she begs him not to see Rory.  Rory loses her virginity to Dean and continues seeing each other. But Rpry’s mother doesn’t approve of an affair and so to avoid conflict Rory decides to leave for Europe with her grandmother.

Dean couldn’t hide his affair from his wife Lindsay so she decides to throw his stuff out. After that, they get divorced as Rory and Dean continue dating. But Rory doesn’t end up with Dean because she meets Logan Huntzberger.

Logan Huntzberger affirms his commtment

As mentioned above Rory’s ambition is to become a Journalist so she makes the acquaintance of the heir to the Huntzberger Publishing Company, Logan Huntzberger. After breaking up with Dean she becomes interested in him. In the beginning,  both of them were okay to have a “no strings attached” affair but as time passes Rory gets tired of it. Rory demands to end their sexual relationship and be friends because she is “a girlfriend kind of girl”. So, Logan agrees to date her exclusively and takes her to dinner at his family home but his parents reject Rory.

Logan affirms his commitment to their relationship even though he gets pressured by the family. Later, his father, Mitchum Huntzberger offers Rory an internship at one of his newspapers to correct the mistake that he made. But at the end of her internship, his father tells Rory that she is not suitable to be a Journalist. That makes Rory so much upset and angry that she steals a yacht.

She is sentenced to 300 hours of community service because of her foolish actions. But it was not all bad as she gets a chance to rethink her lifelong ambitions and her entire life. She decides to take some time off causes one of the most sustained rifts with her mother to date. Beginning in the season five finale, the mother-daughter duo barely speaks to each other for months. Rory joins Emily’s branch of the Daughters of the American Revolution and moves to Emily’s house. They resolve their problems mid-season six, in “The Prodigal Daughter Returns”.

Rory reunites with Logan and is together till the end of the season. Later, Logan purposes Rory at her own graduation party but she doesn’t accept the offer because she thinks that marriage would limit the openness of her life and the opportunities. But Logan issues an ultimatum that it is “all or nothing”. However, Rory returns the engagement ring without saying any word and he walks away. The series closes out with Luke’s surprise graduation party.

Who does Rory Gilmore end up with?

The revival season starts nine years after the ending of the season. Rory is seen in a rut. She has established herself as a freelance journalist but was fired from her job to ghostwrite her book. She has been dating a guy named Paul for about two years but she is the least bit invested in their relationship. After breaking up with Paul she engages in casual sex with a stranger. She becomes the editor of the Stars Hollow Gazette and ends up going back to Stars Hollow.

Logan cheats on his fiancee with Rory when she sees him on the side while jetting back and forth between America and London. After believing that their relationship is not best for her she decides to break things off with Logan for good. But, Rory reveals to her mother that she is pregnant. The father’s identity is not shown in the show but from the timing, it is implied that Logan is the father.

So, we can say that she doesn’t end up with anyone. It indicates that the show is still far from over and there are words about a second revival being on the way. For now, all we can do is wait for the second revival for a complete story. Please feel free to express your opinion in the comment section.

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