Where is Wayne Perry and What Happened to Him?

wayne perry

In this world, there are many people who love to know about notorious people like Charles Sobhraj and others like drug lord Pablo Escobar. We all have heard and watched a series about drug lord Pablo Escobar and once I heard that when every police were in the United States was looking for him, he took a picture with his daughter in front of the white house.

Pablo is a legend but today in this piece of article, we will not be talking about Pablo or Charles Sobhraj instead we will be talking about an American gangster and drug dealer named Wayne Perry.

We will be looking through his biography, where he is now, and other few kinds of stuff related to him like his net worth and if he is married or not, so if you want to know or learn about Wayne Perry then we suggest you read the full article.

Short Biography of Wayne Perry

There is no information about Wayne’s personal life which means that we don’t even know when he was born, and of course, we don’t know anything about his parents as well and we don’t know if he has any siblings or not.

The only thing we could find about him on the internet is that he is that there are only a few people who don’t know about him in Washington streets. It is also said that in his time he was one of the most feared people until finally, the cops caught him.

As mentioned Wayne was a gangster and drug dealer who was an acquaintance of the drug lord Alpo Martinez who used to rule all the New York and Washington region. They were involved in drug trafficking so they are called drug dealers but why are they called gangsters? They were called gangsters cause they used to murder people.

But on October 31, 2021, Alpo was shot dead and after his death, people are wanting to know more about him and his other acquaintance including Wayne Perry.

Where is Wayne Perry Now?

Some people also think that Wayne is also dead but that is not true at all, although we don’t know where he is now, some reports suggest that Wayne is still in prison as he is serving a life sentence but there is no information on which prison he is kept in.

As per the reports, he is considered one of the dangerous men in the drug trafficking business and he is still in prison serving his sentence per the report.

Back in 1994, he agreed to serve a life sentence than a death sentence and Daily News even wrote that he gave evidence against his partner Alpo but he only gave evidence against him cause Alpo testified against him first. We don’t know if the two made peace after that or not.

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