Where is Vanilla Hippo From ‘My 600-lb Life’ Now?

Vanilla Hippo

Samantha Mason who is popular as Vanilla Hippo now is a television reality show star and a Tiktok star. Samantha appeared in TLC’s reality show called “My 600-lb Life” and fans around the world are now curious to know where she is now and what she is doing.

She was in the latest season of the ongoing show that aired in 2020 December to 2021 March (if you want to watch the episode then you can search for episode 1 of season 9). After gaining nearly 1,000 pounds Samantha was in danger to lose her life and she came to the show to get help from Dr. Nowzaradan. Samantha could eat a heavy amount of food and she was getting paid for eating foods in front of the camera and uploading the videos online.

As she also felt the danger she was in she decided to get help from the expert as she did not want her daughter to be motherless.

But where is she now and what is she doing these days? We will answer all these questions in this piece of the article so scroll down and keep reading until the end.

What is Samantha Up to These Days?

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After Samantha showed in the show Dr. Nowzaradan gave her the necessary help and guidelines to eat healthy foods and in only six months she lost nearly 320 pounds. And we all agree that she has great willpower as we saw in the trailer she was crying and saying that food is her life but her love for her daughter was greater than her love for food.

She did exactly as told by the experts and maintained her healthy diet and exercise and according to one of her Tiktok videos, she also went and had surgery to lower her weight.

Also if you follow her on Tiktok then you might already know that Dr. Now was no help to Samantha at all in one of her Tiktok videos she has said that she talked to Dr. Now for only 20 minutes and after that, they showed her on TV for the entire episode. She also added that after she lost 100 lb she was again approached by the TV.

She is Active on Tiktok as Vanilla Hippo

She is pretty active on Tiktok as Vanilla Hippo where she often shares how she lost her weight and she also uploads videos of her cats. You can see all her journey from fat to fit in her Tiktok and she also has written on her Tiktok bio that she is an SSBBW which means Super Saiyan Big Beautiful Women and she also has written that formerly 1k pounds so we can say that she used to be 1k pounds.

She has a goal to reach 110 pounds to be fit and healthy and moreover, she wanted to lose weight for her daughter whom she loves very much. According to various sources, Samantha gave birth to her daughter when she was still in high school.

She keeps getting some hate comments and she gives really good replies to some of them but even though she gets some hate she is not letting it stop her from reaching her goal.

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