Where is Rolf Harris Now in 2022?

Rolf Harris is a disgraced Australian entertainer who used to be a musician, singer, songwriter, and worldwide famous television personality. Back in 2014, he was convicted and found guilty of sexually assaulting underage girls, and yes it destroyed his whole career. His songs like Jake the Peg, Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport, and Two Little Boys are very popular and a few of them even were the number 1 songs in the UK. He was even paid to paint the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II in 2005 by BBC.

Before he was convicted of sexual assault, he was also arrested twice in 2013 for indecent assault dating back to the 1980s. Getting back to the time he was convicted, reports say that Harris assaulted four girls sexually and one of the girls was only seven or nine years old. Furthermore, in his trial, it was revealed that one of those girls was his own childhood friend’s daughter. According to the Sun, Harris was sentenced to five years and nine months by the Judge.

It has been years since he was sentenced and now he might have already been released, so where is he nowadays? what is he up to these days? these are some questions people are asking so I will write about where he is and what he is up to these days.

Where is Rolf Harris now in 2022?

Ever since he got released from prison he has been keeping a low profile and is seen in public rarely. However, according to the Sun, he lives near his house on the Berkshire estate and was seen walking his dog in 2020 September. Before this, he was also spotted in a garden of a primary school in 2019. Furthermore, reports say that he was waving at children through the window. A witness explained to The Mirror,  “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” the witness also took pictures of the pedophile. However, after some time he was asked to leave by the headteacher of the school.

It seems that he is now doing well as he was looking frail when he was seen walking a dog. Moreover, when The Daily Mail talked to a neighbor after the incident the neighbor had to say, “It’s badly affected him; he’s in poor health and has declined rapidly, he doesn’t come out anymore and when he does it’s only ever with his carer.”

Even though he has assaulted girls, it seems that he is pretty active in charity events because one of his neighbors said, “He’s an asset to the area, he’s been a tremendous supporter of any charity we’ve been part of.”

Surprisingly his vintage Harris merchandise is still available on eBay as well as on amazon. Also, the bottom line of Rolf’s investment firm, RHE Investments Ltd., was 2.6 million pounds in late 2020. This means that even if his career has ended he is financially stable.

He may be a perv or pedophile but the fact is that he was once an icon and he gave some of the greatest hits in his prime. He was also a swimming champion who even won a national competition when he was young.

Harris hired private investigators

After he was sentenced to prison, Harris re-appealed his case and he also hired private investigators to gather information about the witness as well as police officers. His lawyer Stephen Vullo QC claimed that Harris was falsely charged by the prosecution. He further said, “With that power comes responsibility, that is very weak and not investigated properly The problem comes when there is a drop of poison on the charge and the jury did not know that to be the case.”

Later, one of his convictions was overturned because of the conflicting statement from the little girl who was hunting for Harris’ autograph. Furthermore, two ex-policemen also claimed that they were sure that Harris was never there but they also claimed that they might have been unaware of his presence.

However, even though one of his convictions was overturned he was unable to appeal for the other three convictions so he also didn’t any legal help further.

Harris didn’t show any remorse

Even after he was sentenced to years he didn’t show any remorse, shame, or guilt for what he did. Instead of feeling remorse he blamed and accused his victims stating that they all were after his money. He wrote a letter to his friend months after getting in jail.

He wrote in the letter that he is totally fine and does not or did not have any hard time during his time in prison. He wrote, Prison is no hardship really. “I’m in the art room as an assistant to the tutor and basically, I’m doing what I like. I’m very well accepted in here and there are a load of people, many of whom are friends.”

Seems like a nice letter isn’t it? but these are not all Harris further wrote and it was a song where he accused his victims of running after his money, “That old bandwagon you crawled out of/ Conceals a host of accusers / Twenty maybe more/ My guess is they’ll slide after you/ All following your stench/ Perhaps you believe you’re pretty still/ Some perfumed sultry wench.”

He said that he was done injustice and the song came out of his rage because of that injustice. Later, Dux, the lawyer of his victims said that he has no right to appeal and she also told The Daily Mail, “He put these women through hell during the trial. He has shown them nothing but contempt and arrogance, even in the way he assaulted them.”

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