Where is Prichard Colon these days?

Prichard Colon

Prichard Colon is an American former professional boxer. He gain a massive came after winning multiple national championships in Puerto Rico.

Talking about his wins he had won 16 games in his professional career starting from 2013. Once he knocked out Xavier La Salle in the first round which amazes the world at the time.

October 2005, his fight against Terrel Williams was amazing with the record of 16-0, he made a clear win and also made a lot of fans.

His parent’s name is Richard and Nieves Colon. Born in 1992 his birthplace is Florida. But when he was 10 years old his family moved to Porto for pursuing his boxing career.

He also completed his higher education from there and started to study Business Administration at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazon which is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Everything was going well and perfect but life has another plan for this guy. Colon’s future in boxing was very clear and straight that he was going to be the best boxing player, sadly his dream was not successful due to his health condition.

It was on the night of 2012 when Colon was fighting against Terrel Williams at EagleBank Area changed everything. Williams beat Colon in this match and his life also changed completely from that time.

Where is he now?

Everybody started to search about Prichard and wanted to know his condition after one user shared Prichard’s video on TikTok which has over 900k likes.

@n1kem0Hope you get well one day Prichard🙏#foyoupage #fypシ #viral #foryou♬ Follow tevtn – K2

So where is he now and how is his condition? He is currently at Brooks Rehabilitation Centre located at Orange Park. He is still receiving therapy over there. His condition is not so good his skull needs to be removed so that when the brain can be expanded and heal.

One fight has made his career but one fight destroyed his future. We wish for his speedy recovery.

Due to his health condition, his mother is working as a full-time caregiver. Prichard cannot talk and cannot stand, the only way he communicates with others is by only his eyes.

His eyes are synced with an AAC device and by using this device he can only able to answer yes or no to the questions. His family members and doctors asked an optional question and he only need to answer yes or no.

But in 2018 his physical therapy started to begin and at the beginning of 2019, he could manage to do some shoulder move by himself.

And he can also stand by himself with the assistance of one person by now. Buy now has already walked a length of a football field with the help of devices and assistance.

His surgery was a success

As per World Boxing Council (WBC), Prichard had one more surgery and it was a success as well. Talking with Busines Insider, WBC told, “In recent weeks it was found a collapse of his skull was pressing on the brain, for which a fragment had to be removed to be replaced by a plate.”

His mother also told to publications that “The doctor has already come to give the results of my son’s surgery, the champion Prichard Colón Meléndez, “Everything went well. Thank you all for keeping my son in prayers for the huge messages and calls inquiring about us.”

We wish that Prichard may recover soon, it is sad and real that the chance of him getting back to the ring is very low but still we wish for his speedy recovery.

Prichard’s parents filed a $50 million lawsuit

After the Prichard injuries, a lot of questions started to raise and the main question is, Who is to blame for this incident? But Virginia’s Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation stated that there is no need to blame anyone for this incident.

As per the department, “While Colon’s medical condition following the contest against Williams is tragic, there is not one action so apparent and/or egregious to justify laying blame to any one person.”

But Prichard’s parents disagreed with this statement and they filed a $50 million lawsuit against the promoters of Colon’s fight. Whereas, John Stiller one of the chief neurologists for the Maryland State Athletic Commission also stated with ESPN that “The fight should have been stopped at that moment [in the seventh round], and I still cannot think of a medically sound reason it wasn’t,”

This issue is because the money that Prichard gonna need is huge and he is unable to make many things by himself, also he will need an intensive care unit throughout his life as per doctors.

Talking with The Washington Post Terrell Williams said that he will explain everything about the incident that happened that day with his three sons “When they figure it out, I’ll talk to them about it. And I’ll be honest.”

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