Where Is Pat Montgomery Now?

Pat Montgomery

Hulu’s latest crime drama streaming television miniseries Candy is based on the real-life Candy Montgomery, who was accused of brutally murdering her best friend with an ax, Betty Gore. In the past, the news about Betty Gore’s death was spread throughout the whole nation and the marriage between Candy and Pat Montgomery became headline fodder.

The series reminded us of this event and many are wondering about Pat’s whereabouts since his wife’s trial. So, we will tell you about his whereabouts and his life at the present in this article.

Who is Pat Montgomery?

Pat Montgomery was an electrical engineer when he met Candy Montgomery, who was known as Candace Wheeler at that time. He met and started dating Candy after working together at Texas Instruments, where Candy was working as a secretary.

The two had decided to walk down the aisle sometime in the early 1970s. After that, they moved to Wylie, Texas in 1977. However, the two had welcomed two children together by the time they made the move. Together they welcomed a son and a daughter.

The couple met and befriended the Gore family while living in northern Texas. The two families quickly became close to one another as they attended school functions and church services together. Allan and Betty were the Gore Family along with their two daughters.

Unfortunately, the friendship between the two families didn’t end up well when Candy and Allan commenced an affair, unbeknownst to Pat and Betty. Candy hacked her friend Betty Gore to death with an ax after the secret affair was exposed.

Where is he now?

Pat’s wife Candy admitted to killing Betty on 29th October 1980. However, she was acquitted of all charges related to the death of her former friend. He stood by his wife in public and demonstrated extraordinary devotion to his wife following her murder of Betty.

Candy and her legal team convinced the jury that she acted in self-defense despite the ghastly nature of the murder. Following the trial’s conclusion, Pat and Candy relocated to Georgia, aiming to start afresh following the Texas tragedy.

However, their relationship couldn’t last long with the strain of the saga likely proving too much to bear. So, they decided to call it quits and divorced sometime later in the 1980s as per the report.

The two were together for over four years in a marriage relationship before it ended. His wife Candy is rumored to be living in Georgia and it is reported that she foes by her maiden name Candace Wheeler. On the other hand, Pat’s whereabouts are still unknown after his divorce from Candy. It is said that he has adopted a private life and reportedly changed his name to James.

Furthermore, he is portrayed by Veep actor Timothy Simons in Hulu’s latest crime drama streaming television miniseries CandyAdditionally, Treadstone star Patrick Fugit is also going to portray his character in another program slated for 2022 on HBO Max’s Love and Death.

Why did Candy cheat on him?

Candy and Pet were living a comfortable life along with their children as Pat had a salary of $70,000 salary a year. So, this made it unnecessary for Candy to work and for her life to be tedious and boring. She met Allan and Betty Gore after moving to northern Texas. After that, Candy and Allan played in a volleyball league together and this is how she got the idea to ask Allan if he wanted to engage in a strictly physical affair.

She was dissatisfied with her stale marriage so which made her initiate an extramarital affair with Allan Gore. The two had started to form an attraction while Betty was pregnant with the couple’s second child in the late summer of 1978.  After that, she made the proposition to Allan in search of a thrilling adventure, Alan gave in to the idea within a few months even though he hesitated at being unfaithful to his wife initially. As a result, the two started having an affair shortly after Candy’s 29th birthday.

The two became sexually active as their affair gained traction on 12th December 1978 at the Continental Inn located in Richardson. As per the report they even made weekly visits to the Como Motel nearby to continue their relationship. She even threw a surprise baby shower for Betty whilst secretly seeing her husband in mid-June 1979. But after the child was born, Allan and Candy began to work on their marriage.

So, they ended their secret one-year affair in November 1979 to focus on mending their respective marriages. Later, it was revealed that Allan was the one who initiated the breakup.

How did Candy become a suspect?

Richard Parker, Jerry McMahan, and Lester Gaylor were the first three people to search the house and find the lifeless body of Betty in the utility room after Allan had asked his next-door neighbor, namely Richard, to check on his wife as she did not respond to his calls.

In the beginning, the neighbors presumed that Betty had been shoe or that perhaps she had shot herself due to the mangled remains of her head. At that time, Allan was informed that his wife had committed suicide. But the police inspection later confirmed that his wife’s death was caused by an ax.

His wife’s body had an overwhelming number of 41 chop wounds as she had been repeatedly hit with a three-foot-long ax all over her body. After that, the police intensified the inspection and Allan also disclosed his adulterous past to the investigation team. So, the police found a possible motive for Betty’s murder and named Candy Montgomery as a suspect in the crime.

Thus, she was arrested and charged with the murder of Betty Gore. However, she was released on a $100,000 bond, and the community and the church still believed that the police had made a mistake and showed their support to the Montgomery family even though there was a mounting pile of evidence against her. Even though she confessed to killing Betty she and her legal team convinced the jury that she acted in self-defense.

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