Where Is Locke McLaughlin Now?

Locke McLaughlin is the son of popular Internetainer Rhett James McLaughlin and Jessie McLaughlin. His father Rhett is popular for hosting his Youtube show Good Mythical Morning (GMM) with his partner Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III. Simply put, they are an American comedy duo.

These two have several other Youtube channels and they have thousands and millions of subscribers. Locke has also appeared in various episodes of GMM so we have seen him from he was a toddler to becoming a teenager, and naturally, we all are curious to know more about him and this piece will help us to quench all our curiosity.

Locke was named after a famous character from the series?

Locke Elijah McLaughlin was born on February 24, 2004, Locke’s zodiac sign is Pisces. His grandparents are Diane and Jim McLaughlin. Talking about his parents, they got married around three years on March 29, 2001, before Locke’s birth. He also has a younger brother named Shepherd McLaughlin who’s around four years younger than his brother Locke.

According to his father, Locke will be graduating high school this year and he is already applying for colleges. Furthermore, he learned German and also took German AP courses as well as a few curriculums. Locke is also strong, self-confident, and assertive as he scored 8 points on Enneagram. As per Rhett’s Instagram post, father and son are now on a college tour.

So was he named after the popular ABC series Lost’s character John Locke? no, he was not named after the character, how do I know? well, that’s because Locke was born seven months before the series aired. Rhett has also said that it was just a coincidence and furthermore, Shepherd’s name is spelled differently than John Locke’s character.

Locke went viral when he was a kid

What if I say that Rhett and Link became famous because of Locke? would you believe me? well, I don’t know if you would or not but Mar 16, 2007, Rhett and Link published their first viral video featuring Locke and there are some people that claim Rhett and Link are in this position because of this video.

As per the sources, the video went so viral that even Youtube themselves wanted to feature the video on their channel however since Rhett and Link wanted people to recognize them as comedians, they asked Youtube to feature one of their songs instead.

Locke has thousands of followers

Locke has turned 18 this year and he is pretty active on Instagram. Although he has kept his account private, he still does not have any posts however, he has been followed by more than 17k people.

On the other hand, his father is active on various social media platforms and has millions of followers or fans. Only on his Instagram account, Rhett has more than 1 million followers. He occasionally posts pictures of his son.

Locke McLaughlin’s relationship status

Locke has been featured on his father’s and Link’s Youtube show GMM several times but none of the time has anyone of them talked about his love life or girlfriend. Moreover, since Locke has stayed private in social media it is hard to make any guess about his relationship status.

However, he is now 18 years old and it is the time when people get attracted towards the opposite gender so he might have a secret girlfriend and even if he does not then soon enough he will have one.

Locke’s father is multi-millionaire

I know many of you would rather learn about Locke’s net worth but listen to me, he just turned 18 and he is not working currently so he does not have any income source other than his parents.

On the other hand, his father has millions of fans, and reports have shown that Rhett and Link are among the highest-earning Youtubers. Even Forbes has listed them in 4th position of top 10 highest paid Youtube stars with earning of $30 million.

It is believed that Locke’s father Rhett has a net worth of $20 million.

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