Where is American Pickers’ Actor, Frank Fritz now?

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Have you watched the show named American Pickers? If you have, then you might be familiar with one of the members of the show named Frank Fritz. This show is quite popular on the History Channel and it has had more than 21 seasons over the last decade. The show follows different antique collectors who travel throughout the United States to buy antique pieces.

Frank has made headlines with his on-screen performance but his off-screen buzz has also been quite great. So, today, we take a look at the life of Frank Fritz and try to unravel more information about him!

Frank is a Davenport Native

Frank Fritz was born in 1965 in Davenport which is located in the state of Lowa. His parents are Bill and Susan Fritz. He grew up with single parents as his parents got a divorce. After the divorce, his mother got remarried.

Fritz’s childhood was spent collecting rocks, cans, and postage stamps. This obsession with collecting things later turned into a career. But before that career, he used to work at coast-to-coast hardware as well as Quad-City Automatic Sprinkler. He did these jobs to earn enough money to buy $4,100 Harley-Davidson.

In terms of education, Frank went to Sudlow Intermediate school and then to Bettendorf High School in 1982.

What Happened to Frank Fritz? Why Did He Leave American Pickers?

In one of the seasons, fans of the American Pickers could notice a significant weight loss in Frank. Naturally, they became curious to know if Frank has some disease and the answer was a yes. Frank was 55 years old battling Crohn’s disease for a very long time.

This is a type of IBD disease that causes inflammation of the digestive tract. As a consequence, the person with the disease can have abdominal pain, diarrhea, fatigue, and even weight loss. Back in the year 2013, Frank addressed this concern via a Facebook post. He also took a break from American Pickers because of his condition.

In addition to that, Frank had serious issues with fame. Frank has been a prominent figure in the media and he says that she suffers from anxiety. He was also arrested for drunk driving once and was under Xanax, a medicine that helps treat anxiety.

Frank’s Relationship with Diann Bankson

Frank was in a relationship with Diann Bankson but the relationship did not pan out as they had hoped for. They broke up after a while and right now, Frank is currently single according to the sources. The relationship with Diann was serious and they were even engaged at one point but they split before they could get married.

If the reports are true, Frank and Diann got engaged in 2017. We don’t know when they started their relationship though. The breakup became quite nasty as Diann sued Frank for negligence.

Why did his fiancé sue him?

The lawsuit claimed that frank and one of his friends were responsible for her getting a third-degree burn. In court, Diann said that she caught her husband with a woman after they got engaged in November.  They were on a break after this incident.

The incident took place when they were living in Frank’s farmhouse. Frank and his friend tried to get the fireworks working and an accident happens. They left the firework in an ashtray and when Diann went to light up a cigarette from the tray, the ashtray blew up causing a serious accident to her.

Things got worse as Diann claimed that her fiancé did not take her to the hospital instead frank told her to toughen up. She went to the hospital anyway and got treated for third-degree burns. After this, the two went separate ways and split. Diann asked $50,000 for damages in the lawsuit and she said that she had experienced pain and distress during this incident. She even went on to say that she had lost her earning capacity because of this accident and had to pay a lot of money for medical expenses.

Frank Fritz in American Pickers

Frank’s journey to American Pickers

Frank Fritz first began working as a fire inspector after he graduated. He started picking up firefighter and firehouse-related trinkets when he was one. He once bought an item for fifteen dollars and sold that item for more than four hundred dollars. This made him realize what his true passion was.

After that, he stopped working as a fire inspector and instead started to collect antique and vintage items. He even opened an antique shop in Savanna, Illinois. He gained massive popularity and even caught the eye of The History Channel which eventually got him to work on the show American Pickers.

The show premiered on the channel in January of 2010. It became an instant hit, the show got more than three million viewers. It went on to be the highest-rated debut on the channel in a very long time. Aside from this show, he also went on to be a part of many TV series like Cincy Entertainment, American Restoration, and Pawn Stars.

He won’t be returning for the show and fans don’t like it

Fans were really unhappy about Frank exiting from the show. But the History Channel’s latest reported stunt has even made them more furious and disappointed. Last year, Frank was removed from the show due to a bitter feud with the show’s producers and fellow star Mike Wolfe.

Due to covid restrictions and his disease, Frank was unable to shoot several episodes for Season 21. He was completely absent for the next season of “American Pickers”. Later in July, it was revealed that History Channel had no plans to bring Fritz back. The sources close to production even told that he doesn’t factor into the show’s “big picture”.

After a while, Fritz revealed that he didn’t leave the series but was instead kicked out of the show as he missed the show for a long time.

However, fans have decided not to support the show after the former host was fired. Fans are constantly bombarding the show’s official account and Mike’s account to bring back Fritz into the show.

Lots of fans have tweeted that they wouldn’t watch the show unless they bring back Fritz into the show. Many even want for the show to get canceled for what they did to Frank Flitz. Fans are signing petitions to bring back Frank into the show as well.

One user has tweeted, “frank=ratings”. Some feel that the show is not good without Frank so they wrote, “Bring back Frank and I will start watching again. The show is utter crap without him”.

Frank’s merch gets removed by the History Channel

The History Channel has completely removed Fritz from their business. They took out everything related to him from the shop. They probably took this decision after fans started to bash them for continuing to sell his products with his face after firing him.

The fans were furious after History decided to promote their online shop on Twitter with suggestions for Halloween customers last year. The fans tweeted to leave him alone and pay for what he deserves. Lots of fans were outraged by their actions. Season 22 has been completed and the next season has been premiered.

Season 22 did well despite all the backlash but the premiere for Season 23 has plummeted. It didn’t attract as many viewers as compared to previous seasons. Frank’s final episode got more viewers than the premiere.

His Net Worth

As Frank has been a major part of the History Channel for more than a decade, he has earned quite a generous sum of money from all his appearances and contracts. While his salary and his payments have not yet been released, we can estimate his net worth to exceed the $6 million mark.

Frank is loved by many and they want him to be back on the show. What’s your opinion about his removal from the show? Do you miss him? Let us know in the comment section.

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