Where is Brandi Worley Now?

Worley Family

Brandi Worley was a married woman who came into the limelight after she murdered her own two children, namely Tyler and Charlee.  She committed the heinous crime in the family’s residence a day after her husband, Jason Worley, filed for divorce on 17th November 2016.

Jason had slept in the basement as Brandi stabbed their children severally in the neck before stabbing herself. Worley’s family had called 911 and in that call, Brandi says that she just stabbed herself and she killed her two children. However, the dispatcher doesn’t believe her and asks Brandi’s mother to check on the children.

Jason who was sleeping in the basement got woke up after hearing the kid’s grandmother’s scream. Furthermore, the emotionless Brandi told Jason that now he can’t take the kids from her.

It’s truly a heartbreaking and tragic incident. Jason was heartbroken as he was not able to protect his children. It’s really hard to believe that a mother could kill he own child and this murder case would go down the history as one of the most shocking and horrifying cases. Let’s continue to read this article to find out more about Brandi and the murder case.

The Story of Brandi Worley

Jason and Brandi had married in August 2009 and together they had welcomed two children. First, they welcomed their son Tyler in 2009, and later they welcomed their daughter Charlee in 2013. It all began through a Reddit post that went viral and had many comments on it. The Reddit post was shared by Jason himself and it was about his wife cheating on him with the neighbor.

The reddit post that turned into a horror story from TrueCrime

In the Reddit post, he wrote that he started suspecting Brandi of cheating when she protected her phone with a password. His wife had told him that she’d kept a big secret from him and felt guilty.

He wrote, “[She] told me that she felt guilty keeping a big secret from me and told me that she was having our neighbor, a contractor, build a home office for me as my present.”

However, even though they were together for 6 years, his wife had never said that she felt guilty about anything and always insists that she never regrets anything in her life. So one morning, he waited for his wife to get in the shower and grabbed her phone before it required the password. Unfortunately, she had set up her phone to delete messages after a certain amount of time. So, the only message he found out that she sent to the neighbor was “I am all covered in frosting, you wanna lick it off?”.

He wasn’t sure about that message so he set up At&t Message Backup and Restore so that he could read all of her text messages from that point on his computer. After that, he discovers that his wife was in fact cheating on him as his neighbor and his wife had declared their affection for each other through text.

So, Jason confronted Brandi along with the neighbor, but his wife goes into full-blown denial mode and the neighbor’s girlfriend starts smacking him. Then he shows her the text messages and she admits it but says it was the first time she had gone that far. He again asks her if she has sent him pictures and she replies by saying no. So, he shows her the picture that she had sent to the neighbor, and once again she admits to it but says it was the first time.

In the end, he tells his wife that he would be leaving the relationship. However, his wife responds to him by saying that she would make sure that he would never see his kids again as she planned on using the fact that he had attempted suicide in high school to prove him unfit to have the children. The next day, he gets a text from her in the middle of a meeting with his bosses stating that she had informed their children that she had to move out as Jason was mad at her.

Jason realized that she was going to drag the kids through hell if he left her so he swallowed his feelings and begged her to stay. After that, he became afraid that after this much time, and the fact that he begged her back, to say that he want a divorce now would only make her more vindictive towards himself and their children.

Tyler and Charlee Worley

Why did she kill the children?

Undoubtedly, Tyler and Charlee’s murders were premeditated by their mother. According to the County Prosecutor’s timeline of events, the family had attended Charlee’s dance practice the afternoon after Jason had filed for divorce. After the family returned home, they had dinner before Brandi rushed to Walmart ostensibly to purchase pipe cleaners for Tyler’s school project.

However, she purchased a Kabar combat knife and placed it in Tyler’s bedroom after arriving home. Jason and Brandi played with their kids before he put them in bed. Brandi lured Tyler into Charlee’s bedroom stating there would be a sleepover there.  She straddled and stabbed him early the next morning and her daughter had woken up after hearing the repeated stabbing of her brother, then she asked her mother, “What are you doing?” To which she replied by telling her to “go back to sleep”.

After murdering her son, she turned her attention to her daughter and repeatedly stabbed her to death. Then she called 9-1-1 to report the murders. She had also stabbed herself in her own neck but she stated that she had taken “a lot of Benadryl”. Surprisingly, she was calm and emotionless during the 911 call.

Montgomery County Prosecutor Joe Buser said that she was more adept at killing her small, sleeping children than killing herself as she survived despite stabbing herself in the neck, unlike her children. The 911 dispatcher had asked why she’d killed her children, to which she replied by saying, “My husband wanted a divorce and wanted to take my kids. I don’t want him to have my kids.”

Where is Brandi Worley now?

While Brandi awaited trial, she was placed in the Montgomery County Jail in Crawfordsville. Initially, she was admitted to Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis to treat her self-inflicted injuries and pleaded not guilty and had a trial scheduled.

Brandi pleaded guilty to two counts of murder in January 2018. Jason was present when his wife entered her plea and he told Indy Star,

“She appeared to be just as unremorseful as she did in the 911 call. She spoke in a very matter of fact manner when describing her crime. It was heart wrenching to hear her speak as she did. All I want and have ever wanted was to have her out of sight and mind so that I may move forward from this horror.”

On the 19th of March 2018, Judge Harry Siamas of the Montgomery Circuit Court sentenced her to a total of 120 years in prison, a de facto sentence of life in prison. However, Brandi didn’t say anything during her sentencing and reports claim that she suffers from depression and exists in an unemotional state.

Jason stated that all he cares about is never seeing her again and wants her to be out of his sight and out of his mind.

She was sent to the Indiana Department of Corrections which is located in the Rockville Correctional Facility in Parke County, Indiana in March 2018. Currently, she is in Indiana Women’s Prison in Indianapolis, Indiana since August 2019.

The funeral of Tyler and Charlee was held at the Darlington Community Center several days after their death on 22nd November 2016. They were buried at Greenlawn Cemetery in Darlington and a vigil was held at Congregational Christian Church, also in Darlington, on 18th November 2016.

Jason contacted YouTuber Philip DeFranco and told him that his kids loved his content. Philip dedicated a video to his children and said, “Two innocent children were killed, their futures were stolen by the person that gave them life. So much love was just ripped from Jason’s life.”

Furthermore, he asked his viewers to donate to a GoFundMe campaign to pay for Jason Worley’s immediate cost of living and cater for the kids’ funerals. People still continue to donate to this day and the donation had surpassed $50 k in a few weeks.

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