Where Does Joe Rogan Live?

where does joe rogan live

Podcasts are really popular these days and if you are one of those who listen or watch podcasts then you must have watched or listened to “The Joe Rogan Experience” which is hosted by Joe Rogan.

Joe is an American UFC color commentator, actor, and comedian, as a matter of fact, he is said to be one of the richest comedians. In this article, we will talk about where Joe lives or resides and we will also talk about his background.

Where does Joe Rogan Live?

Joe is currently living in Austin, Texas, where he bought a mansion of 10,890-square-foot near Lake Austin which he got for $14.4 million as per the sources. According to The Dirt, his mansion has eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms, and also few houses around his neighborhood are owned by famous people like Sandra Bullock and John Paul DeJoria. His mansion also has a swimming pool with saltwater and solarium, also, the mansion has two attached garages.

As per the reports, Joe was thinking to move to Texas with his family so he bought the mansion and at the same time, he also signed the $100 million contract with Spotify. Joe has not revealed much about his property so only a few things about his mansion are known.

Just like I mentioned above his mansion is close to Lake Austin so we can imagine that they can watch the beautiful view of the lake from their mansion.

Joe bought the mansion from its previous owner Benjamin Wood and his wife Theresa Castellano-Wood. Before shifting to Texas, Joe lived in California where he still owns two houses and as mentioned Joe is one of the richest comedians around the world but how did he become this rich or wealthy?

Joe Rogan’s house in California

As per the information we have, Joe also owns two houses in Bell Canyon, California, and his house is next to popular celebrities including Shaquille O’Neal and Alyssa Milano.

According to The Dirt, Joe bought a $4.95 million house in 2018 in Bell Canyon, and similarly, he also owns another house in Bell Canyon which he bought in 2003, and both his houses are only around five minutes apart.

In 2003, Joe bought the house for $2.2 million and as per the reports, he is currently trying to sell his property for $3 million so if you want to live in the house where Joe once lived then you are free to contact him.

Talking about his new property which he bought in 2018, it has six bedrooms and it also has a designed cellar for those who are passionate about wine to taste the wine but its home interiors are built on open-concept, with light gray hardwood on all floors is what makes this house special.

Joe Rogan is Wealthy

As mentioned Joe Rogan is one of the most popular and richest comedians around the world and he is also a UFC color commentator, actor, former television presenter, and American podcaster and he has properties worth millions of dollars and according to the reports, he has a net worth of $100 million.

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