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10 Things You Want to Know about Wheein




Wheein real name is Jung Whee-in, but all over world know about her by her stage name. She has been a member of famous K-Pop girl group Mamamoo from long time.

Mamamoo is one of the famous South Koren girl group and it has been doing it’s best to pleasure it’s fans by producing many awesome music and adding a fashion inside a music.

Wheein is a part of this group and she has done her best always to keep her fans loving towards her but now the shocking moment has come because she has left this famous girl group and it has shocked all of the Mamamoo fans.

But today we are going to learn about her things that you probably don’t know and want to know about her.

Solo Artist

Wheein is a solo artist and she has also produced her first solo album in 2018, she started her career from the Mamamoo and done lots of music videos together. Her solo album name is “Emotional Toned Queen” and her agency has also confirmed that she will be releasing another new solo very soon.

She is very Emotional

Wheein is very emotional girl and she often gets emotional on many things and she cries a lot. At the moment she is leaving this group and all of her fans are very emotional and heart break about this news but not just her fans, she is also heartbreak at the moment.

This company and group was part of her life they had helped, support and loved her like a family and it is really heart breaking time to leave the company.

She Live with her Grandmother

We don’t know anything about Wheein parents and their information has not been published on internet till now as well. By many means of information it has been said that she used to live with her grandmother and her birth place was in Jeonju, South Korea.

Her grandmother raised her and she is very happy living with her grandmother, her childhood was spent with her grandmother.

She is a founding member of Mamamoo

Wheein is also one of the member to join this girl group from very beginning. There were many changes on the group many left and many joined this group but she is also a founding member of this group and she has been doing great on this group from the beginnings.

She joined this group on 2014 and the group was also founded at the same time, since than their group has grown a lot and also collected a huge fanbase worldwide.

She is Young

She has just turned 26 by this year and there are still a lots of year to pass and lots of time to gain more fame on her career.

Her birthdate was 1955 and from childhood she was very talented girl on music as well as on dancing. She begin her career from 2014 after joining this group when she was just 19 years old.

She Did Not Renew Contract

It’s sad that she did not renew her contract with the company and Mamamoo, it is also very frustrating to see that she is leaving the group which has given her fame, money and success but we must understand her decisions behind leaving this group and hope the decision is very good as well.

The contract was not signed and it was all by her own decision, while asking she said she was not forced or anything there was for not to renew this contract.

She leave but Not Yet

Her contract has finished but she is not leaving this group completely, she is not a part of Mamamoo and can’t perform with them sing with them and dance with them but she is till part of this group until her main contract will finish in 2023.

She will continue to work with the group and she will be part of this group as well.

Her behave is very good towards fans

She thinks that her fans are very important part of her life so, her behave towards her fans is very kind and loving. But from the decision of living the group she has made many fans of her sad and she also pinned a letter on her Instagram for her fans.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by 정휘인 (@whee_inthemood)

This her letter and it was written in Korean but the theme of this letter is that she loved her fans very much, she has never any problem with Mamamoo to leave the group and she also thanks everyone for their support.

As well as she wish that her fans will support on her new and very much exciting journey as well.

 She will do her best

We will wish that she will do her best on her new journey and her fans will keep support her as well. She is leaving this company because she might be planning something very big and very awesome. Many fans also thought that they may never see her back again but this is not true she will be surely back.

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