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What’s Goku’s Age in each Of the Dragon Ball Series?




Goku is a fictional character who appears in the Dragon Ball series. He is presented as an extremely powerful fighter without any supernatural abilities. In order to figure out how old Goku is, we need to take into account all of the different ages he has been given throughout his appearances. For example, in one episode of Dragon Ball Z, he says that he was 10 years old when fighting Raditz and 18 during the Cell Games. This article will discuss some possible conclusions about Goku’s age!

Goku’s age in Dragon Ball

This is the original Dragon Ball series. Goku’s age in this timeline ranges from a child to an adult, so it’s difficult to say how old he was at any given time period because his body changes with each appearance. In some instances, Goku appears as a pre-teen whereas in others, he looks like an adult man. For example:

In episode 18 of “Dragon Ball,” Bulma states that she and her father originally thought they were looking for a girl when they first found him on their land because he looked about 12 years old. A few episodes later (episode 22), another character mentions that Goku will be turning 13 soon which means we can assume there are roughly two years separating these events happening concurrently with one another.


Goku’s age in Dragon Ball Z

Heis never explicitly stated but is believed to be in his late teens. By the last episode of Dragon Ball Z, Goku appears to be much older than Vegeta (who himself looks much younger than he does at the beginning of DBZ), who was estimated by Bulma’s father Dr Briefs to have been about 14 years old when they met for the first time.

This suggests that Goku must have been around 18 years old or older before meeting with and fighting against Frieza on Planet Namek. In the manga of “Dragon Ball,” Goku is shown to be 12 years old when he first meets Bulma.

The biggest time skip in Dragon Ball Z happened after Gohan defeated Cell. Seven years pass after that and Goku is training in the otherworld.

When Goku defeated Buu, he hasn’t aged a single day (since he was dead the whole 7 years) so, he must be around 29 years old.

Goku’s age in Dragon Ball Super

Goku is around 30-40 years old in Dragon Ball super. It is not mentioned explicitly but we can make a real assumption out of the data that we have right now.

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