What Is Sienna Mae Famous For?

sienna Mae

Most of you guys may know who TikTok star Sienna Mae is however, other than on her TikTok videos you might not really know where she is from, how old she is, and how she got into TikTok. Well, in this article you will know everything you need to know about popular social media influencer Sienna Mae.

Sienna Mae Gomez was born on January 16, 2004, in Laguna Niguel, California. She is currently 18 years old. She was 16 when she followed the trend and started making TikTok videos and you know the rest, she has now earned more than 13 million followers on her TikTok account.

However, the most important thing is why her name is circulating on the internet her former friend accused her of sexual assault.

What did Sienna Mae do to get canceled?

As mentioned, Sienna was accused by her former friend Jack Wright of sexual assault. He uploaded a video on January 21 titled “what Sienna Mae did to me” and in the video, Jack explained that not once but Sienna tried to touch him sexually numerous times without his consent.

He further said that he had set boundaries and Sienna knew it pretty well but still she tried to touch Jack. Furthermore, Jack’s best friend Mason Rizzo also twitted the same thing.

Jack also showed a few conversations with other guys who told him that Sienna tried to make out with them without their consent. Later a video was leaked where Sienna gropes Jack at a party while he was drunk and unconscious.

Sienna Mae denied accusations

The representatives of Mae shared a statement where she “vehemently denied” what Jack said. She also mentioned in her blog post that she felt controlled by lawyers, agents, publicists, and parents. She also said that she is writing the blog “for the sake of the people I love. I’m just going to get real and bare my soul and have faith and trust that I will land where I’m meant to be.”

She later apologized to her friend Jack in the same blog. She wrote “I apologize if there were times that I made you feel uncomfortable. I am sorry if anything I ever did triggered other things you have experienced or any feelings of discomfort.” She also mentioned that she did all those things to him “unknowingly” and said that she carried out their closeness from camera to real life.

Mae was being criticized by many of her own fans and she also said that there were tons of messages from people who were saying “I hope you kill yourself” further in her blog she also mentioned that consent is not something taught in school. She also uploaded an apology video however, she later deleted it.

After her apology video and blog post, Jack gave a statement to E! News where he said, “I truly appreciate Sienna’s acknowledgment that she made mistakes and that she did not fully understand consent. It is a step in a positive direction. I believe Sienna is struggling to face the truth and the harmful, painful choices she’s made. Every word in my video is the truth. I hope she continues to get the help she needs so this never happens again.”

After all this mess people started canceling her so Sienna stopped posting and remained inactive on her social media accounts for months.

Sienna returns to social media

As mentioned, she remained inactive for months after all the mess. Her last post on TikTok was on January 19 and on January 17 on Instagram. However, after a few months after taking a break from all her social media, she finally returned back to social media on May 29.

On both her TikTok and Instagram account she uploaded a video titled “she lives” where she is seen lip-syncing ‘Cancel Me’ a song by Dominic Fike. Certainly, people were still mad at her and many criticized her. However, she tries to act like she doesn’t care what people think and tell her.

She has been pretty active on her social media accounts and she is also promoting her bikini line “Sienna Swim” according to her website, she designed her first bikini in April 2020. Even though many criticize her, there are still people who love her because she has 1.7 million followers on her Instagram alone.

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