What is Jeff Bezos’ IQ?

Jeff Bezos

Do most wealthy people in the world have high IQs? Well, it does seem like this going by the statistics. A lot of rich people are very smart. Jeff Bezos needs no introduction, he is the wealthiest man in the world. So, what is his IQ score? Let us find out in this article!

What is Jeff Bezos’ IQ?

Jeff Bezos has an IQ score of over 150. While this data is a speculation and it has not been publicly confirmed, we got it from dissecting his school days. See Bezos was in the really gifted program when he was in school and he also received a Silver Knight Award when he graduated high school. This award is only received by people with incredibly high IQ. Add to the fact that Bezos went to a really big University and it is quite obvious that his IQ is way too good.

But What is IQ?

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. It is a method of measuring human intelligence. The intelligence is measured based on tests. The phrase IQ was coined by a German Psychologist William Stern. In an IQ test, a person is given a set of questions based on critical thinking, pattern recognition and creative reasoning. The test is scaled and the average IQ is 100. So, to be considered a sound thinker, you have to get the score of 100.

Two out of three people in the world fall between 85 and 115 though and it is considered the world average.  Anyone between 115 to 130 are highly intelligent. From 130 to 144, they are considered gifted and when you cross the IQ of 145, you are a genius.

Genius Bezos

Since Jeff Bezos has an IQ over 150, it is quite obvious that he is a genius. There are only 0.1% people in the earth with this IQ and they are all considered geniuses.

Add to being a genius, Bezos is also the world’s richest living person and that is saying something. Even as a child, Bezos had a really high IQ.

The magazine Quartz says that as a child Bezos used to make homemade robots, solar powered cookers and a lot of appliances from spare parts and stuff.  He used to spend a lot of his parents’ money buying electronic parts from the Radio Shacks around his home city.

When it came to school, Bezos went to a school for gifted individuals at River Oaks. The Vanguard program of the school was where Bezos’ thirst for inventions and science was quenched. This school practically made Jeff.

In high school, Bezos graduated at the top of his class. He became a valedictorian. Jeff also had high enough score on his SATs and got into the Princeton University. He graduated from an Ivy League university with a GPA of around 4.2.

Do rich people have high IQ?

Not really. While yes, some of the richest people in the world have high IQ but not every billionaire is a genius. Even trump is a billionaire but would you call him a genius? No.

Also, rich people do  not keep their IQ results public so, we don’t have any data to dissect. Forbes Magazine took a look at the results of SAT scores of students in big universities though, they published the report later.

This report came in the year 2012 and it concluded that the most richest people in the world have impressive IQ scores. The publisher of the magazine even said that the best way to become a billionaire is to have an IQ score of more than 150 and an SAT math score of 800.

Even psychological writings such as Psychology Today has said that the billionaires are some of the smartest people in the world. This is also because of the universities and schools they went to. Most billionaires scored high on SAT exams and got into really prestigious universities too.

Jeff Bezos was admitted to an elite university, he had all the resources to be a genius and so, he did manage to attain an above average intelligence.


While we may never know just how true the relationship between being smart and being rich is, we can all agree that the top of line rich people are way too smart. They have become rich because of their smarts and that is super impressive as well.

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