What Happened to Sabrina Prater?

sabrina prater

Sabrina Prater is one of the many rising Tiktok stars who has a huge fan following on Tiktok. Sabrina is popular for cross-dressing videos and dancing videos.

Sabrina Prater is actually a man who is around 34 years old and he is from Flint, Michigan, United States. He goes by the username sabrinaprater625 and he has gained 356.0k followers till now with 2.5 million likes on his account.

Now from a few days onward there are many conspiracies going around social media or around the whole internet that he is missing and others so in this piece of article we will be exploring what actually is the case and what conspiracies are going on about Tiktoker Sabrina Prater.

Who is Sabrina Prater?

As already mentioned Sabrina Prater whose real name is Franklin Prater is a Tiktoker who uploads videos of cross-dressing and dancing and people even like him and his content.

There is no information about his personal life like his childhood, his parents, or siblings, and we also don’t know what his educational background is.

He uploads videos and sometimes writes to send gifts as well and all of his videos are taken in some messy places for an unknown reason.

Is Sabrina Prater Missing?

As mentioned there are many conspiracy theories going on about Sabrina on various social media like Tiktok and Reddit but there is this one theory that has been worrying Sabrina’s fans and the conspiracy is none other than Sabrina Prater has gone missing.

Many people are posting videos on Tiktok and saying that the 34 years old Tiktoker Sabrina Prater is missing for a few days now and fans have gone worried after they found out that quite a few women have gone missing already from the place where Sabrina lives.

Is Sabrina Prater Dead?

@sabrinaprater625♬ Pretty Girl (Cheat Codes X CADE Remix) – Maggie Lindemann

As many people hate commented in his content few believe that he is missing because of all those hate comments and killed himself. While other say that he has been kidnapped and I just saw a video this morning where the content creator was literally saying that Sabrina seems to be a serial killer because of how messy his background is in the videos.

And the answer to all your question is no he has not gone missing and he is not dead he is alive and doing really well. I just want my readers to understand that don’t go around listening to someone and believe them.

Frank is a normal person like all of us and he owns a construction company named praters construction and he is a married man but we don’t know if he is divorced or not. He also has three children and he lives a normal life just like the rest of us and he also owns a beautiful house.

Now you might ask about where he is making all those videos, as mentioned earlier Frank is the owner of a construction or landscape company and he is filming every video on a house or building of which he got a contract of construction.

There is a Tiktok user from whom you might get more details about Sabrina or Frank Prater and the Tiktok user goes by the user name jennalynn468.

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