What Happened to Peter’s Stark Tech Suit? (No Way Home)

Peter Stark Tech Suit

Latest movie Spider-Man: No Way Home is one of the best and greatest movies of all time, fans all over the world are going crazy and personally speaking I loved the movie so much that I have already watched this movie four times and will again go watch it. Spoiler ahead so read at your own risk.

No Way Home is certainly the best Spider-Man movie for all the Spider-Man lovers as we can all three of our Peters (spiderman) meeting and fighting the villains.

Everyone Forgets Who Peter Parker is

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Well, most of you might be here because you watched the movie so let’s get to the point. So as shown in the trailer of the movie, after Mysterio revealed the identity of Peter and accused him his whole world gets ruined.

So Peter asks Dr. Strange for help and he casts the spell so everyone could forget who Peter is and after he cast the spell everyone forgets about Peter Parker.

And after that, we see the scene where Peter makes his own suit and it seems that he no longer has his nano or Stark tech suit so what happened to the suit that Stark gave to him?

What Happened to Peter’s Stark Tech Suit?


Now there are many theories as to why he made himself a new suit or what happened to Stark tech suit. Some fans claim that after watching Tobey and Andrew’s spiderman costume he wanted to make a similar suit to himself.

But this theory is not convincing at all so here are two other theories that I am convinced with, so in the movie after the drone attack, the whole Stark network gets confiscated by DODC ( Department of Damage Control) and we can also see in the movie that he is offline in the whole movie.

Another theory is that, remember what Strange said? He said that the whole world will forget about Peter Parker and Stark network or technology no longer remembers Peter Parker so he made himself a new suit as his Stark tech suit does not remember him at all.

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