What happened to Jessica Johnson?

jessica renee johnson

Back in 2017 the name Jessica Renee Johnson made headlines over the internet and news. So who is Jessica? mother of two children Jessica was a citizen of the United States. She was living with her two children and her parents David and Linda Johnson. Why did she make headlines? because on June 2, 2017, a dead body was found by a mailman and that body was of thirty-seven years old Jessica Renee Johnson.

According to the sources, Jessica left her home on May 31. Sadly, she never made it to her home. Her body was found on her knees against a mailbox and her neck was tied with a shoelace. After that, everybody started asking how was Jessica killed? and more important than that who killed her? keep reading to find the answer.

How did Jessica die?

According to various reports, Jessica was a drug addict and she was in a relationship with a guy named Garland Hart. Jessica’s family did not like her boyfriend as he was abusive and their relationship was toxic but as Jessica was having problems with drugs, she thought she needed Garland to help her with her addiction.

She was living with her parents and children in Horn Lake, Mississippi, and as mentioned, she left her home on May 31 and a day later on June 1 she talked to her mother and said that she will be home soon however after that Jessica never called her family and she was then found dead by a mailman at around 9:30 or 10:30 am outside her boyfriend’s house.

After the mailman saw her body the police were informed immediately and they found Jessica’s knees against a mailbox and neck tied with a shoelace. Furthermore, police also collected her purse at the scene which was in between her legs and half-open. After investigating more the police found marks on Jessica’s hand with a footprint and stated that she was beaten before she died. Police also found her untied shoes spattered with blood near her body.

Later it was reported that her cause of death was asphyxia by strangulation with ligatures and the authorities also declared that it was a suicide.

Who killed Jessica?

After her death reports have shown that the authorities did not take her body for autopsy. They declared it suicide but her family was not buying it, they told her that Jessica would never take her life. Later, it was reported that drugs were found in Jessica’s body.

However, her family was not convinced that it was a suicide and they also claimed that it was a murder. They also thought that Jessica’s boyfriend might be the culprit as he used to abuse Jessica both physically and mentally. But Garland was way too far from the police’s suspect list. Furthermore, it was also reported that the blood on her shoes and the footprint found on her hand were never tested.

After the investigation, Jessica’s friend claimed that the night before Jessica’s death she (Jessica) had a serious argument with her boyfriend. She also said that Jessica asked her to pick her up but after she reached Jessica refused to leave. Furthermore, what is more, suspicious is that Jessica’s body was found outside her boyfriend’s house.

The authorities did not investigate the case properly so Jessica’s family hired a forensic scientist Dr. Maurice Godwin who said that Jessica’s death “is a staged crime scene” and reports say that there were other people along with Jessica and her boyfriend Garland the day she died.

After hearing and reading all the reports, it seems that the investigation was not done by the authorities properly. However, there is nothing we can do so we just hope that Jessica gets justice if she was murdered and her family finds peace. It is said that the police are still investigating the case so maybe they will find something that will help close the case for good.

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