What Happened to Jack McKinney?

jack mckinney

Jack Mckinney was a professional American basketball coach who was the Los Angeles Lakers of National Basketball Association’s head coach. He was the one who first introduced the up-tempo style which is what we now know as showtime.

Jack’s name started roaming or surfing the internet these days because of the drama series Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty. At the end of episode 5, we see that the head coach of the Lakers goes cycling to meet with his assistant Paul Westhead on the local tennis court but on his way, he falls off his bike and hits his head on the pavement.

However, it is not just a series, this series is based on a real story so the bike accident we see is also true, originally the accident happened back on November 8, 1979. So what happened to Jake after his accident? let’s find out.

What happened to Jack McKinney after the bike accident?

As mentioned, on the way to meet his assistant he falls off his bike and hits his head hard on concreate so after the accident he went into a coma for three days. Furthermore, he also had a brain injury, and because of the accident, he could not coach the Lakers so Paul Westhead was assigned as the head coach of the Lakers. The Lakers won the championship in 1980 with Westhead’s instruction.

After recovering from the accident McKinney joined NBA’s Indiana Pacers and in 1981 he won the title of coach of the year, however, his instruction did no good for the team later as they were not getting better but they were giving poor results, and in the 1983–84 season the Pacers gave their worst gameplay so McKinney was fired in 1984.

He then became the head coach of the Kansas City Kings and on November 18, 1984, he resigned and left coaching. He then moved to Pennsylvania with his family. Additionally, he served occasionally as a color analyst for Philadelphia 76ers broadcasts while working as a sales representative for a major sporting goods company.

Furthermore, he said that he was offered to come back as a coach but he did not take any because he had left coaching for good and later he and his wife started living in Florida.

McKinney is also the co-author of the book “The Hawk Will Never Die”

How did Jack McKinney die?

Jack McKinney photo

on September 25, 2018, Mckinney died at a hospice in Bonita Springs, Florida, he was 83 years old at the time of his death. McKinney’s daughter Susan told and confirmed to The New York Times and she said that the 83 years old former coach died because of the complications of a brain injury or concussion.

You can learn more about McKinney’s accident and further story by watching the sports drama series, Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty on the HBO. The series feature more characters and tell a reality-based story. Some of the main characters of the series are Magic Johnson portrayed by Quincy Isaiah, Jerry Buss portrayed by John C. Reilly, Claire Rothman portrayed by Gaby Hoffmann, and more.

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