What happened to Gabriel Fernandez Murder Case?

Gabriel Fernandez Murder Case

Isauro Aguirre, who is also known as Tony Aguirre was sentenced to death on 13 June 2018 for the murder of Gabriel Fernandez. Gabriel was a young boy of age 8 who was born on 20th February 2005. The young boy was tortured and abused for over a period of months by his own mother named Pearl Fernandez and her boyfriend Isauro Aguirre. The young boy ultimately died because of the fatal beating on 24th May 2013.

Pear and Isauro were both charged and convicted of first-degree murder with special circumstances of torture. The court sentenced Issauro to death whereas Pearl was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

They abused the poor little boy just because they believed that he was homosexual. Many people around the neighborhood complained and reported to social workers about the abuse coordination with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services and the  Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department but the poor little boy was not removed from the abusive house. So of course, this leads to questioning the authenticity and effectiveness of child protective services, especially in Los Angeles.

However, four social workers were dismissed and charged under the criminal law in Los Angeles Superior Court. It’s really a very tragic and horrifying incident that nobody in the world would want to hear.

Murderer Isauro Aguirre

Isauro Aguirre was born on 13th June 1980 and he is also known as Tony Aguirre. He dropped out of school after he repeated two grades in school. It might be because he might have a learning disability. He worked as a caregiver and a driver for  Woodland Park Retirement Hotel. The executive director of the retirement home named Susan Wesibart, who was also the boss of Isauro Aguirre described him as a “quiet, down to earth nice person willing to help.”

His boss also told that he was patient and loving, and would commonly change the diapers of elderly residents at the faculty throughout his three-year employment. One of his co-workers named Sherline Mile also revealed that he always drove the residents to the scenic route so they could get to see views other than the freeway. He started working as a security guard for AVL Private Security in October 2012. He was able to work at Vallarta Market in Palmdale, California through AVL.

It is revealed that he met his girlfriend Pearl Fernandez roughly a year and a half to two years before they took custody of the poor little boy.

For murdering the poor little boy Gabriel Fernandez, he was charged with first-degree murder with special circumstances. Even though he pled not guilty, the jury found him guilty, and the death penalty was recommended for the convict, which was accepted by Superior Court Judge Geroge G. Lomeli. Awaiting execution, he was sent to San Quentin State Prison on 13th June 2018. He is still waiting for his execution as California governor Gavin Newson issued a moratorium on capital punishment and his execution is yet to be set.

He is currently held at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Faculty in San Diego since March/April 2021.

Torture and Abuse

The poor little boy was systematically abused and tortured throughout his eight-month stay in his mother’s home. He was regularly beaten and forced to eat cat litter and feces. Likewise, he was forced to eat spoiled or expired foods and even his own vomit, burnt with cigarettes, shot in various parts of the body including the face and groin with a BB gun. Not only that he was forced to wear women’s clothes, pepper-sprayed, sleep in a small cupboard, and ice-cold baths.

We can’t even imagine the pain the poor little boy had to bear.  While abusing and torturing the poor little boy, his other and stepfather would enjoy and laugh according to Fernandez’s siblings. They were pure evil as no human being would ever think of doing such horrifying things just because believing that he was gay. Luckily, the evil couple didn’t torture and abuse other children. After months of abuse and torture, the little boy died on 24th May 2014.

Details for the trial of Gabriel Fernandez

At first, Isauro was pleaded not guilty to the charge of first-degree murder with special circumstances with torture, and the case was further handled by District Attorney Jon Hatami and Deputy District Attorney Scott Yang.

The jury selection began for the case in September 2017 and questionnaires were given to prosecution jurors, and it was revealed that the trial could last as long as six weeks. It was also revealed that the trial involved “extensive mental and external injuries” of the victim.

The jurors were given all the details about the horrifying abuse and torture Gabriel Fernandez went through in the months preceding his fatal beating. Isauro Aguirre was called “pure evil” by Prosecutor Jon Hatamia and he argued that he deserved the death penalty even though it “doesn’t even compare to what he did to Gabriel.”

But the defense attorney John Alan argued that Isauro Aguirre was considered kind, quiet, gentle, and compassionate during his employment at the retirement facility. The defense attorney also said that he had never committed a crime before meeting Pearl Fernandez.

On 14th November 2017, the jury deliberation began and a verdict was reached the next afternoon. Even though he was kind, quiet, gentle, and compassionate during his employment at the retirement faculty, the jury found him guilty of first-degree murder and guilty of the circumstances of torture charges. The sentencing phase began on 11th December 2017 and the jury was deadlocked the next day, but they decided to recommend the death penalty on 13th December 2021. Judge George G. Lomeli accepted the death penalty and currently, Isaura Aguirre is waiting for his execution.

Netflix series “The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez

The American true-crime documentary series “The Trial of Gabriel Fernandez” was released on Netflix on 26th February 2020. It consisted of six-part miniseries and shed light on the Fernandez Family and the horrifying murder incident. The television series showed how the eight-year-old boy was abused and tortured while staying with his mother Pearl Fernandez.

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