What Happened to Fetty Wap’s Eye?

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We all know who Fetty Wap is, more because of his eyes than his songs. He is a rapper who is best known for his major hit ‘Trap Queen’. If you have seen the music video of this song, you might have seen that one of his eyes is missing. So, how did the rapper lose his eye? Let us find out.

How did Fetty Wap lose his eye?

Fetty Wap lost his right eye when he was a kid. He had an incident and after that, he was diagnosed with Congenital Glaucoma, a condition that can damage the optic nerve.

Who is Fetty Wap?

Fetty Wap is an American rapper and his real name is Willie Maxwell. He was born in the year 1991, grew up in the New Jersey area.

He is from a religious background and both of his parents went to church, his grandfather was a bishop. The church they went to also provided a musical outlet for their family. Fetty said in an interview that his mother sang in the church choir and his father used to play Keyboard, as well as his uncle, who was a drummer.

As a child, Fetty played the drum and was heavily inspired by music but he had a rough childhood. The family was relatively poor and he did not even have a middle-class life.

Fetty went to Paterson Public school which he says was the worst school in the city. Since a teenager, he started to rap and make music. He made it his mission to be good at Rap and wanted to do something in HipHop.

But he did choose to remain very near his family and after blowing up he even bought a house for his parents.


Fetty Wap started as a rapper but quickly learned to sing as well and he has the talent for both. From an early age, he started performing gigs and soon gained the name “Fetty” among the listeners. The term “Fetty” in Hip-Hop is meant for money. Fetty Wap was a fan of the rapper Gucci Mane who was also known as GuWop.

In the year 2014, Fetty released his song “Trap Queen” which was his breakout hit. The song took some time to get there but it slowly became viral.

After getting Successful with the song, Fetty bagged a record deal with a label named 300 entertainment. Fetty also came out with his second single, ‘679’ that was released on the Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. This song was followed by “My Way” which also had commercial success. The song was pretty huge and it even got remixed by Drake.

After this, he released his first full album in 2015. The song reached the number one spot in a lot of countries. Right now, Fetty Wap is an established artist and has collaborations with artists such as Fifth Harmony and French Montana.

Moving on to his discography, In 2016 Fetty released a 19 track mixtape titled Zoovier. He had songs such as Like a Star that featured Nicki Minaj. The following year, he had the Song “Way you are” which featured Monty and the song “Flip Phone” came out the same year as well. 

He released another mixtape titled Lucky No. 7 in 2017. The mixtape had the single “There She Go” which featured Monty. Then again in 2018, Wap released the EP called “For My Fans III: The Final Chapter.”

Losing His Eye

Fetty Wap has spoken about his lost eye in an interview with the Radio. In there he disclosed that he lost the eye in an accident when he was little and it gave him Congenital Glaucoma in both of his eyes.

Fetty had concerns that he might have lost his vision completely but the doctors tried and saved one eye. He said that he was blessed to have his vision.

His eye is a unique feature that a lot of fans recognize. He said in an interview that he probably is one of the only rappers to have one eye and he seems to be pretty comfortable with it. A lot of people in Hip-Hop can be very judgmental but he still is okay with it.

Glaucoma is indeed a really common disease that a lot of people have in the eye. The disease can cause damage to the optic nerve which means that the eye will not be able to send images for the brain to process. This can be very problematic for many people with the disease. Fetty Wap is one of them but he has accepted his condition and is now very confident about it.

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