What Happened to Amber Hagerman?

amber hagerman

Do you know what AMBER Alert is? if you don’t then it is a child abduction emergency alert and it will message the public to help find the abducted children. But do you know how this emergency alert or system was established? this alert is named after a 9 years old girl named Amber who was abducted or kidnapped on January 13, 1996, while she was riding her bicycle.

Yes, you guessed it right I’m talking about none other than Amber Hagerman. As mentioned Amber was riding her pink bicycle in a parking lot of an abandoned Winn-Dixie grocery store alongside her younger brother Ricky. While they were riding bicycles Ricky decided to go to their grandparents and Amber was about to follow him to their grandparents’ home but unfortunately, she was abducted by a man in a black pick-up truck. Four days after the abduction her body was found miles away from she was abducted. An autopsy report showed that she died of cut wounds to the neck.

Hispanic male in his 20 or 30 kidnapped Amber

According to a witness, he saw the kidnapping from his backyard and he told the police that before the kidnapping there was a parked 1980s or ’90s truck at a nearby laundromat. He also told that Amber screamed and kicked while being kidnapped.

After the investigation police came to a conclusion that the kidnapper is a Hispanic male who was in his 20s or 30s under 6ft with dark hair. Furthermore, they also believed that he was a local. Grant Gildon, an Arlington Police Sgt. told People, “Based on the direction of travel when they left [the Winn-Dixie] and then based on her being found in Arlington, being abducted in Arlington and just being in that spot, the question has always been, did somebody have a connection with that area where the abduction was?”

He further said “It’s a very secluded area where her body was found. We do believe you’d have to be somewhat familiar with that area to know where that creek is,” which means that the kidnapper must be a local who knows the town very well.

How AMBER Alert was established

AMBER Alert was created back in 1996 and it has helped and contributed to rescuing over thousand abducted children but why was it created and how? after the kidnapping of Amber, a Texas resident Diana Simone could not help but think how the kidnapper could abduct Amber without a single trace.

She then contacted a local radio station KDMX and she explained her idea. And her idea was to engage passersby to help find the location of the missing children. As per Diana’s plan during an emergency, radio stations would interrupt their programming immediately in order to broadcast an alert when a 911 call comes in. It was first named Amber’s plan but later it was renamed AMBER Alert (America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response)

In 1998 the first automated Alert Notification System (ANS) was created and the original plan of the radio station was also modified. While the original plan was to send a notification to radio stations but later that also included radio to television stations, government law enforcement agencies nearby, local organizations, and newspapers. These alerts are sent through mobile phones, emails, and faxes. The alert also will be published on the internet like on Google or Bling so that the public can see it.

However, people might also ignore the alert thinking false alert so to issue an alert is very strict. In fact, each state has its own rule and criteria to activate or issue the alert.

Who kidnapped Amber Hagerman?

As mentioned police believed that the man who kidnapped or abducted Amber is a Hispanic man with dark hair under 6ft and they also said that the man must be a local, however, they never find out who the culprit was, and still, there is no clue. According to the police they have received over seven thousand leads but they still could not find the kidnapper.

Amber’s mother Donna Williams said last year, “I miss her every day and she’s just so full of life and I wanna know, why, why her? She was only a little girl,”

Now that the technology is advanced and DNA testing is being used on Amber’s case so hopefully they might find something that would lead them to the kidnapper.

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