What Happened to Abigail Spencer?

abigail spencer

You must have watched one of Netflix’s most popular dramas “Suits“. If you have then you must you might remember Dana Scott from the series.  Dana was portrayed by Abigail Spencer and was the college sweetheart of Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht). She appeared on and off in the show throughout the series and left the series before the end of the series.

Many people are wondering what happened to her as she didn’t appear in the final season. So, we will provide the reason behind why she didn’t appear in the final season in this article. Firstly, let’s get to know more about her.

Who is Abigail Spencer?

Abigail Leigh Spencer was born on 4th August 1981. She started her career playing Rebecca Tyree on the ABC daytime television soap opera All My Children, which aired from 1999 to 2001. Later, she went on to star in the Lifetime crime drama series, Angela’s Eyes in 2006.

Additionally, she got recurring roles in multiple television series such as Mad Men, Hawthorne, Suits, and Grey’s Anatomy. She was also the main star in the SundanceTV drama series from 2013 to 2016. She was even nominated for a Critics’ Choice Television Award for portraying the role of  Amantha Holden.

Abigail has appeared in many movies such as This Is Where I Leave You, Oz the Great and Powerful, Chasing Mavericks, The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia, In My Sleep, This Means War, and Cowboys & Aliens.

Abigail Spencer


Why are fans wondering what happened to her?

Abigail Spencer was quite famous for her appearance as Dana Scott in Suits as she appeared for eight seasons. In the series, she was introduced as a former classmate of Harvey Specter mid-way into the first season.

In the initial seasons, they started a relationship when she became a partner at Pearson Specter. But things start to change when Harvey’s closeness to Mike Ross affected their relationship. She was last seen in the show in the eighth season as she made various comebacks as the series progressed.

She came back into the series to have a court battle with Samantha Wheeler. Abigail said to Parade that she was honored that [creator] Aaron [Korsh] asked her to come back and that people love Scottie.

She added, “That is my reason for going back and playing her. Who knew? Every time I show up, Gabriel [Macht] is like, ‘Hey, favorite team partner. I’m like, ‘Hey, favorite team partner.’ We love working together, and I think the characters are really, really dynamic. It’s a pleasure to go back.”

But she didn’t make it into the final seasons which is why many wondered what happened to her.

Why didn’t Aaron Korsh didn’t include her in the final season?

The creator of the series Aaron Korsh stated that they usually call each other every year in 2018. He revealed that their discussions revolved around storylines and schedules to see if Abigail could reappear in the series.

Aaron said, “Every year, one of us will call the other one and say, do you want to come in, or she’ll say can I come in, and we’ll figure it out.”

He also revealed the reason why he couldn’t include her in the final season and said that he found it challenging to include her unless her character would get romantically involved with Harvey.

“It was hard to figure out a way to fit Scottie in seamlessly. So that was more from a storytelling standpoint. I would have liked to have gotten her in, but I couldn’t figure out a way to do it”, he added.

Now you know why she isn’t included in the final season of Suits so let’s see what is she up to these days.

Abigail Spencer

What is she up to these days?

Abigail got a recurring role in the series Rebel in 2021. She portrayed the role of Misha and the series is focused on a blue-collar advocate who had no law degree.

Misha is a surgeon who shares a painful romantic history with Nate but constantly studies the heart since she feels she may have harmed several patients unintentionally.

It is her sixth project with Vernoff and together they have worked for more than 15 years. Besides that, there are no details about her current works.

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