Was Prince Gay? Something We Know About His Sexuality


Prince Rogers Nelson, better known as Prince, was one of the most iconic musicians to ever live. He had an illustrious career that spanned decades and his music has left a lasting impression on generations of people. His discography is vast and he produced many albums in every genre imaginable.

But we are not talking about his music in detail in this post. Rather, we are going to explore his past and relationships to answer the question of his gender. Was Prince Gay? A lot of people think he is. But what is the right answer? Let us find out.

How did Price Start his music career?

Prince Rogers Nelson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 31st. His father was John L. Nelson and his mother is Mattie Della Shaw

He attended Bryant Junior High School followed by Central High School where he ran cross country and played football. He also participated in track-and-field events as a sprinter or long jumper but it wasn’t until he became much older that he started to play guitar.

He started music in Minneapolis clubs and by the time he was twenty-one, had signed a recording contract with Warner Bros. Records which would end up being worth more than $100 million.

So, What is Prince’s Sexual Orientation?


We really don’t have any idea. While he portrayed a gay image in public and in his music, we don’t know if he did it for selling records or expressing his sexuality. Even in an interview he vaguely hinted at it for being an image but later said that he was being true to himself as well.

What is our guess?

Well, we guess that Prince is not a proper gay but we do think that he is bisexual. A bisexual person likes both males and females and perhaps Prince falls into this category. We can’t be sure though. When he was alive, Prince never openly talked about his sexual preference.


Prince’s first album “For You” came out in 1978 followed by his second album “Prince” in 1979. His music career continued to grow but it wasn’t until 1984 when Prince released an album that went quadruple platinum called “Purple Rain.” He also became famous for wearing clothes made of animal prints – notably leopard-skin patterns

His most successful single from this era is arguable “When Doves Cry,” which sold seven million copies worldwide; Prince donated all proceeds to charity except one dollar so people could add their names to the mailing list for his 1990 “Gett Off” single.


Prince is a Grammy Award Winning American musician from Minneapolis. Prince’s music career has spanned over four decades with his early years of solo albums including “For You” (1978), “Prince” (1979), and the triple-album set “Controversy” (1981). Prince also wrote songs for other artists to include: Chaka Khan, Sheena Easton, The Bangles, Madonna, and Sinead O’Connor. His most recognized album was 1984s “Purple Rain.” In total, he has released 39 studio albums as well as two soundtrack albums that were used in movies.

He received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song Score for Purple Thunderbird 1993 at which he was also nominated for Best Original Song for “Can I Play With U?”

Legacy of The Artist known as Prince


Prince enjoyed an award-winning musical career of over forty years till he died on April 21st, 2016 at 57 years old. His 1982 album 1999 shattered sales records with more than two million copies sold within its first month of release during the Christmas season of that year alone and went quadruple platinum by the following summer.

The title song from that album spent eight weeks at number one. In 1983, Prince’s 1984 became the first “album” to be certified platinum, reaching more than two million units sold in less than a year with no single released as a follow-up or an accompanying tour.

His sound can best be described as eclectic and he was given the nickname “The Purple One” by his early fans because of his support for integration and individuality; combined with what they called his electric combination of rock music instrumentation (guitar), synthesizers, and strong vocals.

Prince could play 27 instruments including drums, guitar, bass, piano, keyboards percussion among others. This fact is crazy to think about and it explains just how incredible the artist has been with his music.

How Did Prince Die?

According to the reports, Prince had caught influenza but even though he was sick he decided to perform in a show a week later and a day after the performance he was travelling in his private jet but he passed out and was unconscious so the pilot had to make an emergency landing.

He was taken to the hospital immediately and later doctors told him to get admitted to the hospital but he did not listen to the doctors and left the hospital and his health condition got worst and he was suffering from his health problems but he did not die because of his health condition.

On April 21, 2016, he was found dead in an elevator and according to the reports he had been dead for at least six hours and later press release stated that Prince died because of an accidental overdose of the opioid fentanyl.


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