Was Anne Heche Murdered? Conspiracy Theorists About Her Death

Anne Heche

If you love watching movies then the chances are you know who the popular American actress Anne Heche was. She worked on over dozen movies, however, on August 14, Anne Heche died in a fatal car accident. However, even after her death, she became the victim of conspiracy theorists.

As mentioned she died in a car accident in Mar Vista, however, the conspiracy theorists believe that she didn’t die but was killed or murdered due to her upcoming movie on sex trafficking. On Sunday, August 14, she died in a hospital 9 days after the car crash. Furthermore, the officials said that she was “deemed to be under the influence and acting erratically” at the time accident.

Conspiracy theorists believe Anne Heche was murdered

Well, Anne Heche did die after filming ‘The Girl in Room 13’ which is about sex trafficking so conspiracy theorists don’t buy that Anne died because of the car crash. Well, even though we are now in the 21st century, sex trafficking still exists and as per the reports, this movie was based if not inspired by Jeffrey Epstein.

Back in 2019, Jeffrey was charged with trafficking many girls, however, he was found not guilty but mysteriously he died in prison on August 10, 2019, and it was revealed that he killed himself by hanging.

According to conspiracy theories, Anne was murdered by Jeffrey’s trafficking-related group in order to keep her silent. Furthermore, many people believe that Anne’s death after she worked in a sex trafficking film is not a coincidence.

Moreover, many people say that they find it fishy because Anne died after filming a movie about sex trafficking. And according to one Twitter user, Anne died in a car crash just a week after Congresswoman Jackie Walorski died in a car crash. But what seems to be a problem right? well, the problem is that Jackie and Anne were working together to end child sex trafficking.

Was Anne Heche alive and her injuries were not critical after the car crash?

In the video where Anne was being taken by the firefighters after the car crash, we can clearly see that Anne was alive, however, the conspiracy theorists questions why she was put on what seems to be a body bag while she was still alive. Furthermore, although the media like USA Today stated that Anne was seriously injured after the crash, the conspiracy theorists say that it was not as critical or serious as they say it was.


Anne Heche footage of being taken away by fire fighters, then shevrips out of the sheet or bag to try and escape. Looks super shady to me #annehechefootage #annehecheactress #annehecheincidente #annehechecrash #anneheche #fyp #foryoupage #viralvideos #latestnews

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While some believe that, others say that the video of her being taken away itself is kind of fishy. A user on TikTok posted a video with the caption “Anne Heche footage of being taken away by firefighters, then she rips out of the sheet or bag to try and escape. Looks super shady to me.”

In another video, she said that the firefighters taking her looked like kidnapping as she was pushed down as she woke up and possibly “tried to escape.” There are also people who believe that someone messed Anne’s car which cause the accident.

So was Anne really killed or murdered because she tried to expose the truth with her film? well, no matter how many conspiracy theories come, there is not a single piece of evidence that shows Anne was murdered.

Was Anne Heche murdered?

Well, as mentioned above there is no evidence that shows or proves that Anne was murdered or killed. However, after the accident, a drug test was done, and according to TMZ, cocaine was found in her system, moreover, they found not only traces of cocaine but also fentanyl.

She was driving very fast and crashed, after the accident she was taken to a hospital and on August 8, it was reported that she went into a coma, and after a few days it was again reported that it was unlikely for Anne to survive and she was given life support. But it was later announced that she has been brain dead, so on August 14 they took off her life support, and was pronounced dead.

Furthermore, the white bag, which everyone is thinks a body bag is actually used to prevent any more damage to the burn victim. So it was actually not a body bag but a protective coat or something. And the reason why she was pushed is that they didn’t want her to fall off the stretcher while they load her. Moreover, the white sheet was to prevent cold because Anne was said to have severe burn injuries and many burn victims die of hypothermia.

Moreover, there is also nothing that proves or even suggests that Anne’s upcoming film is about or inspired by Jeffery Epstein. Her movie “Girl in Room 13” is still possibly being released in September.

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