John Mellencamp’s Ex-wife – Victoria Granucci (Net Worth, Career, Height, Weight)

Victoria Granucci with Teddi Mellencamp
Date of Birth Nov 26, 1958
Martial Status Divorced
Daughter Teddi Mellencamp
Ex-Husband John Mellencamp


Victoria Granucci is the ex-wife of an extremely popular American pop singer named John Mellencamp. John has fame for his incredible nominations at the Grammy Awards.

The relationship with Mellencamp is one of the popular reasons why Victoria is incredibly famous. She is also popular as the mother of a TV personality Teddi Mellencamp.

Victoria is also a mother. She has two daughters with Teddi currently. She is also pretty popular for her appearance in the Hit TV Show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Let us dive to know about her a bit more now.


Granucci was born in the USA on Nov 26, 1958. She is 62 years old as of 2020. Her birth sign is Safittarius. Granucci holds an American nationality and she is white.

Her nickname is Vicky. The couple settled in Indiana after their marriage. Victoria had a career but she quit her career to become a house wife. She has also worked with ex husband which she says was a good experience.

Vicky had to be a stay at home mom and take care of her two children. Her husband, being a musician, was mostly out on tour. The couple separated in 1989.

The exact reasons are not known but later it was revealed that the hectic work schedule of her husband was the primary reason for this separation.

Marriage with John Mellencamp

John was initially married to his high school sweetheart, Priscilla Esterline. Later he married Victoria. So, Victoria was actually the second marriage for John.

The couple got married in 1981. They had a love marriage and the story is quite an interesting one. It is said that John fell for Vicky just by her photo. This is an exaggeration of course but it still is very sweet.

What did Vicky do before her marriage?

Before she married John, Vicky actually had a mildly successful career in the entertainment industry.

She used to work as an extra on music videos and also blessed the sets of different films. She also appeared in a few movies here and there. This includes TV content like Charlie’s Angels, Fantasy Island, Grease and many more.

Apart from her brief stint in the entertainment industry, not much is known about her career. She was also a extra in the music video for John Mellencamp himself.

John’s career on the other hand, began when he started to record music in 1977. He later began playing in a cover band.

In 1978, his first single came out and that had a follow up Album. The single was called “I need a lover” and that song was a big break. His debut album American Fool topped the chart.

In 1983, John released his second album which had a hit single that charted in the Top 10 list.

Is Victoria Granucci Still Single?

Victoria and John divorced later. The couple settled in Indiana after they tied the knot. Victoria had to quit her work and become a full time mom and John was out on tours because of his music career.

This led to the divorce. John has already married after the divorce with Victoria but it seems like Victoria is still single right now.

Who is Victoria Granucci’s Daughter?

Victoria played a big role in her daughter’s life. Her first daughter Teddi is a mildly famous actor who stars in a reality TV show called The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

She started to be on the show wince 2017. This does make Victoria a celebrity mom as well. Teddi also has a daughter so, Victoria’s role as a grandmother is also something that she admits to relish.

Victoria Granucci Net Worth

How much is Victoria Granucci net worth? Since her acting career began, Victoria has managed to earn a good sum of money. But she has not made her earning data very public. Her salary and earnings are not really known.

Some of our sources tell us that she is worth about $2 million which is frankly, not bad at all.

On the other hand, her ex-husband John has around $25 million under his belt. Similarly, her daughter is also making a bank. Teddi is worth around $12 million.

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