Who Is Veronica Montelongo? Armando Montelongo Ex-wife

Veronica Montelongo

Armando Montelongo is a famous American public speaker, real estate investor, and entrepreneur. So who is his wife? well, we don’t know who he is with currently but he was married to Veronica Montelongo and now everyone is really curious to know more about his ex-wife Veronica and what went wrong between them.

They seem to be a perfect couple and everyone thought that the two were really perfect for each other. However, despite all this, their marriage came to an end and shocked everyone. So who is Veronica Montelongo? how old is she? what is her net worth? we will look into every question above in this article.

Who is Veronica Montelongo?

As mentioned she is an ex-wife of a famous American real estate investor Armando Montelongo. She rise to fame after she married Armando however after her divorce people started searching for her more. Unfortunately, Veronica is a private person who has not shared anything related to her family or her educational qualifications.

According to various sources, she was born on March 9, 1980, in San Antonio, Texas, United States. This means that currently, Veronica is 42 years old. Also, as per her birth date, her zodiac sign is Pisces. She grew up in her birthplace Antonio, Texas.

Her career

As for her career, she first started working as a house flipper. Later she along with her ex-husband Armando got an offer for a television show “Flip This House” that aired on the A&E network. The show started airing on July 24, 2005. And just like its title, the show was about renovating houses try to sell them for profit.

Obviously, the show featured Armando and his ex-wife Veronica and along with them, the show also featured Armando’s brother David and Melina (David’s wife). The two of them were featured in the show for two seasons out of a total of five seasons because David and Armando had an argument regarding their choices of house.

Other than that she was also featured in other television shows like ‘Design Wars’ while she was still with Armando. She also tried to go into the entertainment industry and she worked in the 2013 drama/thriller movie “Line of Duty” where she portrayed the role of Bobby’s mother.

Other than that she handles clients on her own now as she runs a real estate company of her own. And after living with Armando she may have learned many things about real estate. I think that we can also call her a real estate investor.

Veronica’s marriage and divorce with Armando

There is no information on when the two got married but it is believed that Veronica was married to Armando for more than a decade. However, the two of them did not share any children together so there are also people who think that they were not married for a long time.

As mentioned above, everyone thought that the couple are perfect but in 2011 they were divorced. It is unknown who filed for the divorce but many believe that it was Armando. There are also rumors that Armando started treating Veronica roughly after his dispute with his brother David. But still, it is just a rumor so we can’t state that it is true however, it is true that the couple had their differences and that is why anyone would divorce their partner.

After filing for the divorce in 2011, their divorce was finally settled in 2012.

Veronica asked to imprison Armando

After Armando failed to pay her $250,000 spousal maintenance payment for 5 years as per their divorce settlement agreement, Veronica sued Armando in Bexar County District. She stated that Armando failed to pay her $147,500 which they agreed on in 2016.

She then asked the court to imprison him if he does not pay her.

How much is her net worth?

As mentioned there is not much information available on her because she is a very private person, however, as per the reports she now owns and runs her own real estate company and I think it is also safe to say that she is successful in her business.

We don’t know how much she earns but as per the reports, it is estimated that Veronica has a net worth of around $1 million

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