Who is Veronica Montelongo? Ex-Husband Armando Montelongo

Veronica Montelongo
Date of Birth 1981
Profession Reality Star
Ex-Husband Armando Montelongo
Martial Status Divorced
Net Worth $1 Million (Est.)

If you grew up in the 2000s and saw Flip This House in the year 2005, you might know Veronica Montelongo. She appeared in this show in 2005.

Her chemistry with her co-star Armando Montelongo was the talk of the town for a very long time.

Today, we are going to dive deep into her career and tell you what he does right now and everything else about her life. So, without delaying, let us get started.

Who is Armando Montelongo?

Armando Montelongo is an American businessman and TV personality. He has a real estate business which has generated him more than $50 million in net worth.

Armando is the founder of a Real Estate Investment business called the Armando Montelongo Company located in San Antonio, Texas.

He used to live in California but right now he has moved on from the state. Armando Started his career in 2001 and then in 2005, he started providing seminars to different people. Armando still does that.

The seminars that his company provides are of three days and it costs $25,000 per person. You get to speak with him and learn from him for this money. The seminars he does attracts more than 300,000 people every year.

His company is recognized as a top business education company and it is growing pretty fast. Furthermore, he was also appraised as one of the best Hispanic business owners.

Montelongo is also a lowkey celebrity. He has appeared in the American TV series Flip This house and this was where he met Veronica, who he married later.

Armando also owns a production company that produced a full length feature film in 2013.


The reality star Veronica is very secretive. She doesn’t share any personal information. We don’t even know her birth date. But we do know that she is 40 year old.

So, she was born around 1980s. Speaking about her family and friends, zero information is available. Her internet presence is also not great. She doesn’t have an Instagram account. All of this also makes it very difficult for us to determine her net worth as well.

All we know is that she is still active in the real estate business and rakes in a good sum of money from it to live a comfortable life. We don’t have any information about her body.

We can say that she has brown hair and black eyes though. Veronica also doesn’t really like to be that active on Social Media platforms. She does have a Facebook account though. The account has a modest 1,000 likes in it.


Veronica initially started her career as a house flipper. She formed a TV show later with her former husband. The show was produced by A&E. It was titled Flip this House.

It was a part reality type of show that initially aired on TV in the year 2005. The show’s basic premise is the purchase and renovation of houses.

This show featured Armando’s brother, David Montelongo and his wife Melina Montelongo. The duo left the show after two seasons though. Aside from this show, veronica has also starred in one film. She hasn’t really received any awards for her show though.

How much is Veronica Net Worth?

We currently don’t know Veronica’s exact current net worth. Her ex-husband, on the other hand, is worth more than $50 million.

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