Veibae Face Reveal: Her Real Face and Name Revealed

veibae face reveal

Do you get curious to see someone’s face when someone always covers their face? well, I do and many of you might get curious as well. We know that Popular American DJ Marshmellow and if you only type Marshmellow google will suggest you Marshmellow face reveal so we can understand how many people are curious about how he looks.

But why am I talking about Marshmellow? am I going to be writing about him and his face reveal? No, I will not be writing about him and if you guys want then we might talk about him later someday but today in this piece of article we will be talking about a virtual Youtuber named Veibae.

There are many sites claiming that Veibae has revealed her face but is that really true? find this out in this article and also we will talk about a few other things about her.

Short Biography of Veibae

It seems that Veibae is a very private person as she has not shared any personal things about her so we don’t really know many things about her at this point that we don’t even know her real name. Everyone who follows her only knows her as Vei or Veibae.

There is no information about her birthday as well so we also don’t know when she was born but we think that she is in her 20s we can also confirm that she is 18+ because her Twitch stream is marked for the people who are at least 18 years old or above.

Talking about her parents, according to various sources, her mother is from Poland but there is no information about her father and some say that they find it difficult to understand her because of her accent and people believe that it might be because of her mother is from Poland.

As mentioned Veibae is a United Kingdom-based virtual Youtuber and she started making and uploading videos on Youtube on May 9, 2020, and she was an independent virtual Youtuber but on April 9, 2021, she partnered up with VShojo. Many gamers and people who are into Japanese culture love and follow her.

Did She Really Reveal Her Face?

Yes, she really did reveal her face through a tweet in 2019. She basically was promoting her merch where she posted her own picture of wearing her new merch. She wrote in a tweet that she had not shown her merch and said that it looks really cool and she also added that she will be going live in 20 minutes.

Her Social Media Presence

She is pretty active on major social media platforms like Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, and Tiktok. She joined Twitter back in September 2016 and now she has more than 309k followers, She joined Youtube on May 4, 2020, and she has more than 470k subscribers.

She has more than 625k followers on her Twitch account and finally, on Tiktok, she has more than 219k followers with more than 1 million likes.

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