Who Is Gigi Santo Pietro? Everything About Vanna White’s daughter

Gigi Santo Pietro and her mom

Gigi Santo Pietro is an actress however, she has appeared in only two television series according to IMDB. While she has appeared in TV series, she is still known and became popular because of her mother Vanna White. Her mother is one of the most popular American television personalities. Gigi’s mother Vanna is the hostess of Wheel of Fortune and she has been the hostess of this popular TV show since 1982.

So how old is Vanna White’s daughter Gigi? is she Vanna’s only child? does Gigi have a boyfriend? what does she do? there are various questions like this and in this piece, we will talk about them all one by one.

How old is Gigi Santo Pietro?

Gigi is the daughter of Vanna White and George Santo Pietro. She was born on July 1, 1997, which means that she is currently 24 years old, however, she will turn 25 after a month. Like every other kid, Gigi lived with her parents until their divorce in 2002. After her parents divorced she started living with her mother however, she also spends time with her father occasionally.

Gigi is very passionate and interested in photography so she went to NYC school to study photography and imaging. However, before she joined the NYC school she used to go to NYU Tisch School of the Arts from where she graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography.

Is Gigi the only daughter of Vanna and George?

She is not the only child of her parents, in fact, she is the youngest child of her parents. She has a biological brother Nikko Santo Pietro who was born on June 10, 1994. Nikko is three years older than his sister Gigi. Other than Nikko Gigi also has a half-brother from her father’s relationship named Andrea Santo Pietro who was born in 1982.

It seems that Gigi is not close with her half-brother but she is really close with her brother Nikko and they spend time together once in a while. It is also understandable that Gigi and Nikko don’t have much age difference but Gigi is 15 years younger than her half-brother Andrea.

What does Vanna White’s daughter do?

Gigi is an actress or we can also call her a television personality just like her mother and she made her debut on television with the show Wheel of Fortune back in 2010. She appeared in the episode “Beaches Resorts Week 4” and of course, the host or hostess of the show is and was her mother.

After that, she also appeared or was featured on CBS News Sunday Morning in 2020. Other than that she is also a tattoo artist and she has shared her designs on her social media. Furthermore, since she is interested in photography she might as well be looking career in photography.

Does Gigi Santo Pietro have a boyfriend?

Gigi Santo Pietro

Gigi is a private person who doesn’t really enjoy being in the limelight so she has not shared anything related to her love life. So let’s just say that Gigi currently doesn’t have a boyfriend and she is single. However, there are various sources suggesting that she is pretty close with a guy named Jack Owen. Still, it’s not confirmed if the two are dating or not.

Furthermore, it seems that there are rumors surfing on the internet that Gigi is a lesbian just because she has not shared information about her love life.

She was only five when her parents divorced

As mentioned Gigi’s parents Vanna and George were divorced in 2002 and at the time of their divorce, Gigi was only five years old. George and Vanna were one of the most talked-about couples back in their days when they got married back in December 1990.

Sadly, their marriage didn’t last forever as 12 years after their marriage the couple decided to get a divorce. However, the couple has not revealed the cause of their divorce.

After divorcing George, Vanna started dating a businessman Michael Kaye but she broke up with him later. Following her breakup, she started dating a guy named John Donaldson and they have been together since 2012. It has been a decade since they started dating.

Talking about Gigi’s father, there were rumors that George started dating and married a film producer Melissa Mascari in 2005 however, the rumor seems to be fake.

Gigi’s father owns a restaurant in various cities

Even though George is not as famous as his ex-wife Vanna White. He is not any less than her as he owns multiple restaurants around the cities of the United States. Furthermore, other than restaurant owner he is also into real estate.

Moreover, he has also appeared in various television shows including Brooklyn South, Good Morning America, Star Trek: Voyager, and others.

Is Gigi active on social media?

Yes, Gigi is pretty active on social media, especially she is pretty active on Instagram where she mostly shares her tattoo designs and photography. Looking at her Instagram account, we can say that she likes to travel and enjoy nature.

Also, it seems that she only is active on Instagram as we have not found her id on other social media platforms.

How much is her net worth?

As mentioned Gigi is a private person and she doesn’t like to share her personal information with the public so she also has not shared her income or her net worth which leaves us to estimate it.

As per the reports, her estimated net worth is $500,000. On the other hand, her mother Vanna White has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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