Who is Tyrese Gibson’s son, Shayla Somer Gibson?

tyrese gibson with daughter Shayla Somer Gibson

Tyrese Darnell Gibson is an American actor, rapper, singer, songwriter, and model. He has worked in several popular movies like Four Brothers, Transformers, Death Race, Fast & Furious Series, Legion, Annapolis, Black and Blue, and few others. As mentioned he is also a songwriter and rapper and he has sold over 4 million albums only in the United States.

Shayla Somer Gibson is the firstborn daughter of Tyrese Gibson and Norma Gibson and in this piece of article, we will be focusing on her instead of her father Tyrese. We will look into her personal life and few other things about her parents.

Short Biography of Shayla Somer Gibson

Shayla was born on July 11, 2007, in the United States and as she was born in America she holds American nationality. Shayla has mixed ancestry as her father Tyrese belongs to the Black race and her mother Norma comes from Israel.

Shayla is now 14 years old and she was with her father in the premiere of F9 and Tyrese looked really happy to be with his daughter as he had to face an ill-favored custody battle for his daughter because he and Norma decided to get a divorce and since he gets to spend a few time with his daughter, we can say that, for him going to F9 premiere with his daughter was the best thing.

He even posted pictures of him with his daughter on his Instagram and he wrote that her daughter would stop growing and stated that she is his world and everything. Also according to Tyrese, Shayla is Jewish and she can speak Hebrew fluently which he wrote in a caption of his Instagram post.

Shayla also has a half-sister named Soraya Lee Gibson and as per few sites she was born on October 1, 2018. After Tyrese and Norma were divorced, Tyrese married Samantha Lee Gibson.

Tyrese Faced Ill-Favored Custody Battle

Tyrese and Norma filed for divorce when Shayla was just an infant and after their divorce, they fought really hard for Shayla’s custody. Both Tyrese and Norma never came to an understanding on the term of their daughter’s custody. The battle continued to be so long and there was a time Tyrese was even restricted to even see his daughter for more than a month.

Tyrese was Accused by His Ex-Wife Norma of Mistreating Their Daughter

Tyrese was accused by Norma of mistreating their daughter in 2017, according to the court file Norma had written that Tyrse used to abuse or mistreat their daughter many times. The file stated that Tyrese used to beat Shayla so bad that she could not even sit.

Norma pointed that Tyrese beat their daughter like 12 to 16 times and after that Shayla told her mother about her father beating her up and having difficulty sitting and it was the reason why Tyrese was restricted to even see his daughter for more than a month.

In response to that Tyrese recruited a plane to fly around Shayla’s school with a banner that said “I love you, Shayla, regardless of what happens.” Knowing that Norma filed a complaint to police stating that Tyrese disobeyed the restraining order.

There was an investigation if Tyrese really disobeyed the order but the jurisdiction did not find Tyrese guilty of violating or disobeying the order so the court gave an order to stop the investigation.

Tyrese Could Finally Meet His Daughter

tyrese with daughter Shayla

After fighting for the custody of their daughter the Los Angeles court gave the custody of Shayla to both of her parents. There was not any kind of abuse, the judge noted, and also Tyrese did not violate the court order.

After that, both of them had to share the custody of their daughter, and no matter what happened in the past Shayla enjoys her time with both of her parents.

Is Shayla Close to Her Father More Than Her Mother?

It seems that Shayla is closer to her father than her mother, as she divides her time to live with both of her parents we can see her more often with her father and we can see many pictures of them enjoying their time together, on the other hand, we don’t see much pictures of Shayla with her mother together but that does not mean they are not close it’s just her mother Norma is not a star or celebrity like Tyrese.

How Much Does She Earn?

She is just 14 years old school kid she does not work beside she does not have to, not now as her father is a multi-millionaire. So the answer to this question is that she does not earn any money.

On the other hand, her father is a singer, songwriter, rapper, model, and actor and as mentioned above he has sold over a million of his album only in the United States, and he has worked on many popular movies so his net worth is estimated to be around $6 million.

Shayla’s Mother Norma

Norma Gibson is the ex-wife of Tyrese Gibson and mother of Shayla and she came to the limelight only after the public found out about her relationship with actor and rapper Tyrese. Norma was married to Tyrese for a short period of time and their relationship was not even public until they filed for divorce.

There is not much information we know about their marriage life but it seems that they were married in 2007 and a year later in 2008 they were separated.

There is not much information about Norma but after doing some digging we found out few things about her. Even though her exact birth date is not known we do know that she was born around the 1980s and there is also a debate on the internet for her birthplace as some say that she was born in the United States, where others say that she was born in the United Kingdom.

But if we look into the fact we can say that she was born in the United Kingdom as she holds a British nationality. We don’t know if she has remarried or not as she is not a star and also she keeps her life very private.

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