Who is Tyler Perry’s Son Aman Tyler Perry?

aman tyler perry tyler perry gelila bekele

The famous filmmaker Tyler Perry welcomed his only child (till now) in the year 2014. He had this child with his now ex-girlfriend named Gelila Bekele. Most recently, the director got an honorary statuette at the Oscars for his many humanitarian and social work. This has led to him being quite popular and all of his fans want to know everything about his life. They want the information about his personal life mainly. Perry, on the other hand, is quite a private person.

Perry’s Studio and Career

Perry Owns a production studio that has a size of 330 acres. It is kind of like a campus. The location of this place is quite astounding as well. It is located at a civil war-era former military base in the state of Georgia in Atlanta. The place has employed many people when Covid shut down production in the LA area.

Perry has gained really good respect in Hollywood. he has done many films and TV shows. He also paid for the funeral cost of many people who were the victims of Police Brutality in America.

Perry and Gelila Bekele

tyler perry gelila bekele

Perry started dating the model Gelila after he met her for the first time at a prince concert in the year 2007. The two have already broken up though. In the December of 2020, Perry posted a caption on Instagram where he admitted that he is 51 years old and single. He also asks a rhetorical question about his life. By the looks of it, Perry kind of seemed bummed about the breakup. He also gave his Christmas message in the same post.

Birth of Aman Tyler Perry

Before separating, Perry and Gelila had given birth to their child Aman Tyler Perry. He was born in the year 2004. His birthday falls on the 30th of November.

Perry stated that he found the baby’s name when he was at a Hollywood. In the Hindi and Urdu languages, Aman stands for Peace. Tyler liked that name very much so, he gave his son a South Asian name.

Perry Suffered Abuse as a Child

In the year 2009, Perry stated that he suffered Physical and Verbal abuse from his father. He said that the abuse took place till he was 19 years of age. In an interview with Oprah, Perry described his early life as hell. He also stated that his father did try to make amends later.

This was the same month when news broke out that his son had arrived. Perry called him the greatest gift that he was given and he said that he would love that little boy till his death. He was quite excited about his birth. He said that the boy was a beautiful thing that happened to him.

In the year 2016, Perry said that his 2-year-old son keeps the producer busy by watching a Kid’s TV show. He said that Aman watches a lot of Paw Patrol, which is a Nickelodeon show targeted towards the kids. Perry also stated that he loves his child and will give him a childhood that he never had.

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