Who Is Tyler Herro’s father, Chris Herro?

If you are a fan of the NBA then you must have heard the name of the Miami Heats’ point guard Tyler Herro. His father’s name is Chris Herro. His father is also a former basketball player who didn’t have a successful career.

Even if his father couldn’t be a professional basketball player, his father had played a vital role in his career. Chris has managed to be his son’s most significant influence. Chris is a very supportive father and has supported and overseen Tyler in almost all of his athletic career.

If you are interested to learn about Chris Herro then you are in the right place as you will find everything you need to know about him in this article. Firstly, let’s begin with his life and career.

About Chris Herro

Christopher “Chris” Herro was born on 11th July 1968. He is well educated as he has already graduated from the West Allis Hale in 1992. He sued to play basketball at the Florida State.

Talking about his livelihood, he is currently the owner of Superior Disposal. He also earns money by plowing the snow in winter and he is also a concrete contractor and roofing during the summer. However, not much is known about his family background or ethnicity because he hasn’t revealed it yet o the public and media.

Why did Chris Harris quit Basketball?

Lots of reports suggest that Chris Herro was one of the aspiring basketball players during his high school. But unfortunately, he suffered from an ACL injury and he stopped playing basketball after that. Due to his injury, he couldn’t get a Division I scholarship.

But he passed his dream onto his son and this painful turn of events led Chris to teach his son. Luckily, his son followed his teachings, and Tyler’s effort and hard work, helped him instill in his strong work ethic.

About his injury

Chris had got offers from Saint Louis and Florida State before he was injured. Sadly, things didn’t go well for him during his senior year in high school due to his injury.

Of course, many would-be devastated if similar things happen to them and Chris was utterly devastated as he took the major blow to his career. However, he has gotten over it as he told in an interview, “Honestly, it took me a while t get over it. He also said that it was very tough for him as he was very passionate about the game.

His wife was also shocked because of his injury. A lot of people used to admire him and look up to him when he used to walk to the gym as he was a very talented basketball player.

Current relationship status

Chris Herro is currently in a marriage relationship with his wife Jennifer (Jenn) Herro. It is revealed that both of them had met each other during their college days as both of them were athletes in their college. They had decided to walk down the aisle in 1999.

Together they welcomed their first son back in January 2000 and named him Tyler. Besides the professional basketball for NBA, the couple has welcomed two more children named Austin and Myles. Tyler is the eldest brother and the couple currently resides in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

Chris and Jen have been together for a very long time and as a normal family, they faced a couple of hardships along the way. Jennifer has revealed that she has fought her husband on various occasions. However, it was mostly in regards to their athlete son.

She also said that her husband and son have always had a love-hate relationship and she felt it was too hard for her son. So, she used to argue and hight her husband because she thought it was quite difficult for Tylor.

Being an inspiration for his son

Chris has been a very supportive father and has always been a major inspiration for his son Taylor. Even though Chris couldn’t achieve his dream he was successful to impart his knowledge about the game to his son. He even told his son to never disrespect the game.

He also said to his son to play every game like it’s going to be the last time he plays it. Chris has tried to change his son’s mindset to believe that his son is the best player on the floor when he is on it. He even advised his son to not let anybody tell him different.

He also wants his son to understand that he needs to hit the gym and work there until he becomes the best one in-game. Besides that, he is always ready to support his son in whatever way possible whenever his son is in court. Both of the parents are very supportive as they have watched every playoff game from their home in Greenfield. They even made it down to Orlando just so they could watch in person their son playing in the NBA finals.

His relationship with his son

Even though Chris was harsh on his child, they still have a deep bond with each other. They are related by blood, to say the least. Chris is not tough on his own son all the time as he knows how to console his child whenever it is necessary.

Chris even met his son in the hallway and hugged each other while crying when Tyler lost his final playoff game as a senior. Chris has revealed that he finds his sons’ work ethic insane and he explained that he just doesn’t tell so-to-brag about his son. he admires his son and believes that his son was going to bring something to Miami when he first signed for the team.

Tyler despite having a tough-love approach from his father, says that there exists no regrets or hard feelings about the methods used. Tyler revealed that it was really tough for him but it was just what he needed to hear. He also said that there are lots of people who tell him the things he wants to hear but his father is the only one to tell him the things that he probably doesn’t want to hear.

His dispute with his son

Tyler was reported to become irritated with his father back in October 2020 when his father expressed concern about his interaction with his new teammate Jimmy Butler. Chris had been annoyed because of Butler’s reputation for having a prickly personality.

As a parent, he was concerned about his son and he revealed that he heard stories about his sons’ new teammates and he just wants to make sure that his son is OK. But his son snapped back at him and said that Jimmy is a good dude and he told his father to stop texting him. Over the course of years, Jimmy and Tyler have developed a special bond getting the Heat to the NBA finals for the first time in six years.

Like father, like son

Tyler’s confidence was far beyond that of a typical one even when he was a Miami Heat rookie. But his confidence comes from his father. His father takes credit for the Miami Heat’s no 14’s strong faith in himself.

Like many, Tyler is no stranger to criticism by fans ad fellow players and he also likes trash talking. Chris has shared some insight into how his sons’ confidence developed back in September 2019. He said that he has helped his son to point out the difference between arrogance and cockiness. He said that his sons’ confidence came from him. He has also revealed how he taught his son the difference between being arrogant and being cocky during his sons’ childhood.

He believed that in order to be Successful o the floor his sons need to have that kind of confidence. So he allowed his son to have some type of arrogance so that he could achieve greatness and reach a higher level playing basketball. He even made a claim that people don’t understand the difference.

About his grandchild

Recently, Chris became a grandfather when his son and his girlfriend named Katya Elise Henry gave birth to their first daughter in September 2021. They announced the birth of their daughter on social media and named her Zya Elise Herro.

Katya Elise Henry had been in a relationship with Tyler Herro since march 2020. Tyler had reached out to Katya on Twitter and they publically tweeted each other. But they haven’t got married yet but it is expected that they would marry soon and let’s hope their relationship lasts long like Tyler’s parents.

Net Worth

Chris Herro hasn’t revealed his net worth yet. But he is expected to earn a decent amount of money being the father of a professional NBA basketball player. However, his son earns quite a hefty sum of money. Tyler had an amazing rookie season in Miami and he became the only player to appear in NBA Conference Final and an NBA Final born in the 2000s’.

Tylers’ salary currently is over USD 3.82 million which is quite significant for a player of his age. Furthermore, he has agreed to a three-year contract worth USD 11,466,720 with the Miami Heats on 10th July 2019. He is currently making USD 10,000 per day playing for the Heats. So, he earns quite a huge sum of money considering his age.

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