Who is Tucker’s Son, Buckley Carlson?

Buckley Carlson

Buckley Carlson is famous for being son of famous TV host Tucker Carlson’s and Susan Andrews. Buckley is also only son from this couple relationship. And from this father other relationship Buckley has three half-siblings.

Buckley father Tucker is famous journalist who also stand by the support for Republican, we all has watched his TV own show Tucker Carlson Tonight.

We all know much about Tucker Carlson but in this article we are going to learn about Tucker’s son Buckley Carlson and about his career, personal as well as some controversies as well.

Who is Buckley Carlson?

Buckley was born in 1997 and his birth place is Virginia, USA. His parents named him after Tucker’s younger brother, Buckley Swanson Peck Carlson.

Buckley ethnicity is Caucasian and his nationality is American and his grandfather Dick Carlson was also adopted guy.

Buckley Carlson Education

Buckley completed his education in Virginia and he graduated from University of Virginia. His major subject was Bachelor of Arts program also he was graduated with with Government and Political Science major.

By now he has not joined any college for master degree and it looks like he is on a progress to make his professional life more better.

About Buckley Carlson Career

Checking on his Linkedin Profile, currently Buckley has been working as the communication director for U.S. House of Representatives and his this work was started from January 2001. Looks like Buckley is very much interested on politics before being communication director he was working as a special assistant from June 2019 to January 2020 and Press Secretary from January 2020 to January 2021.

Buckley made his career on politics from his early age, before he started his job Buckley was working as communication intern at The White House and later he worked at Jeffrey J. Kimbell & Associates as a Policy intern.

It looks like in future we will be able to see Buckley walking on the same path that his father was walked.

Buckley Carlson Half-Sisters

carlson family
Hopie(third from left) with her family

Buckley has three sisters, Lille Carlson is his elder sister who was born in 1995 and other two sister is younger than him. His younger sister name is Hopie Carlson and she was born in 1999 where as her another sister Dorothy Carlson was born in 2002.

From various news it has been revealed that this family is very unite and the siblings are very close to each other as well.

By now everyone of this family is busy pursuing their education and career but while there are some public holidays or events than Buckley and his siblings spends time together.

Also, Buckley mom Susan has been loving her all child very much and she has been showing them a lots of care and support.

A Controversy

Tucker is very famous and due to his strong support to Republican party there has been many hates for him from many people as well.

In 2018, Tucker made headlines on many news sites for one incident which was happened at that time. When Carlson family was on dinner at the Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville, Virginia.

There were some other guys for dinner too, but one guy who seems to be Latino come and ask to Tucker’s daughter that if she was sitting with Tucker Carlson. She replied, “Yes, I am sitting with him and he is my dad.” The Latino man started to curse and use foul language to insult her which led her to go back on the place her family was having dinner and cry.

After seeing her sister was hurt by random guy due to their own political problem, Buckley got furious and he started confront the Latino man which also led to physical fight between them which made many news sites a huge and fire topic stating something like racist towards the Latino man without knowing internal issues among them.

Is Buckley Carlson Dating?

As far as we know that Buckley is not dating anyone but this guy is very private and many times he don’t share anything personal about him to the world so, we don’t exactly if this guy is open to have a relationship or he is already on a love life.

How much is Buckley Carlson’s net worth?

Buckley is still on his career phase so, there has been no exact answer to this question. He just started his job after being intern so, still many years to go for building his career as well as net worth.

But on the other side his father Tucker Carlson net worth is estimated to be around 30 million.

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