About Tucker Carlson’s Daughter Hopie Carlson

Hopie Carlson

Hopie Carlson is a famous American girl who is now 22 years old, as she is one of the fourth born children of a famous television personality or television host she was really popular since her birth because of the popularity of her parent. Her mother is Susan Andrews and her dad is Tucker Carlson who is a really famous conservative reporter.

Hopie was born in 1999 but the exact date of her birth is unknown as her father Tucker has always been secretive about his family and kept it private so we don’t really know much about her. Because we don’t know her exact date of birth so we also don’t know what her zodiac is. She has 2 sisters and 1 brother making a total of 3 siblings. As per reports, her sister Lillie Carlson is 5 years older than her.

Many people are now wondering about Hopie’s dating status and career and what she is up to nowadays? In this blog post, we will try to cover these things about Hopie Carlson.

Which High-School Did She Go?

Hopie Carlson is a really popular kid since she was born, so naturally, people will gossip and want to know which high-school did she go to and her education level. Hopie went to St. Georges School located in Rhode Island although she is from Virginia, United States. As I mentioned above Tucker keeps the privacy of his family so it may be because he wanted to keep his daughter away from the media as she is popular. On the other hand, it may also be the reason, her mother Susan Andrews also went to St. Georges School.

She was good with her study and she was also pretty good at sports, she did swimming and even participated in a competition of 500 and 100 yards at breaststroke event. She graduated from her school St. Georges and joined and started to study at the University of Virginia. As per the report, her little sister is now studying at St. Georges School.

Her Siblings (Sisters & Brother)

Hopie Carlson family

As I already mentioned above Hopie has a total of 3 siblings, the first or the oldest one is her sister Lillie Carlson and the second child of Tucker is Buckley Carlson a boy and Hopie is the third child and the youngest one of them is her little sister Dorothy Carlson. All of them have a very strong bond and they really love and care for each other like every other sibling.

What Are They Doing Now?

They all are doing great in their individual career as per the report but there is not much information about what they do as for Tucker’s son there are reports that suggest that Buckley Carlson is working as a member of Banks Capitol Hill staff in Washington D.C. and also all of Tucker’s children are said to live around Was DC.

Her Personal & Love Life

Hopie Carlson is single

There is not much information about Tucker’s family which I also mentioned above already. Hopie or her dad has not given away about her relationship status. She surely is not married if she was then there would be a piece of news so it’s safe to assume that she is not married yet. There is no information about her boyfriend either, she may or may not have a boyfriend if she has then she is pretty good at hiding things as she is not spotted with anyone till date.

As for her dating, her father has already set an eye on what kind of people he doesn’t want his daughter to date. In September 2019 Tucker clearly stated that his daughters will never allow his daughters to go out with a feminist as Tucker believes that feminists are creep.

How Did Her Parents Meet?

Her parents meet with each other when they were just 15 years old or so. I mentioned earlier that her mother Susan Andrews went to the same high school as she did, well turns out both her parents went to the St. Georges School located in Rhode Island. Her parents had a hard time dating each other as the headmaster of their school was Susan’s own father Mr. Rev. George E. Andrews II. As for now, tables have turned and they are happily living their love life with four beautiful children.

Appearance Of Hopie Carlson

Hopie is popular or gained popularity through her father and they have kept their family privacy so there is not much information about her hence, we don’t know how much she weighs or how tall she is but there some pictures of her on the internet so we know how she looks. Judging by the picture she is a beautiful woman with blonde hair and her eye color is black.

Is She Active On Social Media Sites?

No, she may have her account private as there is no way anyone not using social media nowadays. Maybe she is concerned about her privacy. We can say that she may be focusing on her career unlike many others she may be thinking straight ahead about what career to choose or so. She may also be focusing on her study as per reports she is still studying. Wait, few reports also suggest that she has an Instagram account but she has kept her account private.

How Much Does Her Father Earn (Tucker’s Net Worth)

Tucker Carlson is an American political commentator and television host. In the 1990s Tucker became a print journalist, he used to write for the political news magazine of America called the “Weekly Standard”. Later in 2016, on November 14 he had his own show on one of the most famous media companies “Fox News” called “Tucker Carlson Tonight”.

Before Tucker had his show there used to be another show which was hosted by Bill O’Reilly who was getting $20 million annually later Tucker replaced him and you may wonder he earns as much as Bill or more but no people Tucker have a salary of $6 million yearly and speaking about his net worth he may have $30 million estimated.

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