Who is Tucker Carlson’s Daughter, Dorothy Carlson?

dorothy with tucker

Dorothy Carlson is the fourth and the youngest daughter of famous television commentator “Tucker Carlson” and his wife “Susan Andrews”. Unlike other normal kids, Dorothy was really popular since her birth as her father Tucker is a very famous and well-known personality who is a conservative commentator, precisely speaking he is an American television host and conservative and political commentator. He has his own show on “Fox News” called “Tucker Carlson Tonight” he started his show in the year 2016.

Dorothy is a famous star kid just like her sister Hopie Carlson but unlike her sisters, there is not much information on Dorothy as the reports suggest that she does not like to be in highlight and she likes to stay low. But of course, you guys do want to know about her and that is why you are here I know that so in this article or a blog post we are going to talk about Dorothy Carson, as there is not much information on her please don’t expect too much from us, we have gathered information from our sources and we will be sharing the same in this article or a blog post today.

Dorothy Carlson & Her Early Life

As mentioned above Dorothy Carlson is the youngest daughter of Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews. Talking about her birth, she was born in the states of Virginia, the United States in 2002 but her exact date of birth is still unknown. She comes from a mixed ethnicity.

Dorothy’s grandfather Richard Warner Carlson was adopted when he was only 2 years old so she belongs to Caucasian a white skin race and she also belongs to swiss ancestry. As she was born in Virginia she spent her childhood there.

Where Did She Go To School?

Dorothy spent most of her childhood in Virginia, the United States, and soon after she enrolled at St. Georges School in Rhode Island. At first, I thought that she went to another state just to escape from media but later I found that her mother went to the same high school, in fact, her grandfather Susan’s father Rev. George E. Andrews II was a headmaster of the school. Also, Tucker was first studying in Collège du Léman, a boarding school in Switzerland but according to him, he got restricted and later joined St. Georges School. Tucker and Susan started to date soon after but as Susan’s father was a headmaster they had a hard time dating each other.

How Many Siblings Does She Have?

Youngest Daughter Of Tucker Carlson With Susan Andrews

Dorothy has 3 siblings as Tucker and Susan have 4 children in total. Their oldest child was born in 1995, the second child was born in 1997 their son Buckley Carlson, the third child and the most popular kid of Tucker Carlson, and Susan Andrews was born in 1999 Hopie Carlson. They are well raised by their parents and they love each other very much. As per the report, all of the star kids are doing really well in their respective fields, the firstborn daughter has graduated from college and Hopie is still studying, and Dorothy is also still studying.

Her Father Tucker Carlson

Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson is a well-known and popular American personality who is a television conservative and political commentator. As mentioned above Tucker and his wife Susan went to the same high school and graduated there, after that Tucker attended Trinity Trinity College in Hartford for further studies and graduated from there with a Bachelor’s Degree in history.

As for Tucker’s career, in the 1990s he started to write for “The Weekly Standard” and became a print journalist. Later in 2000, he started to work as a CNN commentator and he was co-host of the prime time news program called crossfire, he worked there from 2001 to 2005. While he was on CNN he made history as he was the youngest cable network’s anchor ever.

Since 2009 he started to work as a political analyst in Fox News who also appeared as a co-host in various programs, and in 2016 he had his own show in Fox News called Tucker Carlson Tonight. His show covers political commentary, interviews, analysis, etc. Tucker’s show was created to replace a show called “On The Record” which was hosted by Brit Hume.

Does Dorothy Have Boyfriend?

There is no information so we don’t really know if she has a boyfriend or not but her dad has a strict dating rule set for her including her siblings. Tucker Carlson stated that he won’t let his children date any feminists because Tucker thinks that feminists are a creep.

Is She Active On Social Media?

Negative, again there is no information if she is active on social media or not but I think she is indeed active on her social media account but we don’t know her social media account id. This is 21st-century people come on she must have a social media account.

How Much Does She Earn? (Her Net Worth)

Dorothy is not yet working so we can’t estimate how much her net worth would be. As for her father Tucker he has a net worth of $30 million estimated. He gets a decent amount of salary from his work and besides his work on the television program, he has a website called “The Daily Caller” which he started in 2010 along with Neil Patel.

Tucker is also a huge real estate investor, according to various sources he owns many lands and estates. He sold his house in Kent Neighborhood of Washington for $4 million from which he earned a big profit after that he bought a new house.

Working for television he earns $6 million annually which seems very much but before he had his own show there was a show called “On The Record” and as I mentioned above the show was hosted by Brit Hume and his annual salary was around $20 million. There should be a raise on Tucker’s salary as his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” broke the record of the highest-rated program in the United States’s cable news history in July 2020, his show had around 4.33 million on average nightly viewers.

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