Facts About Travis Barker’s Ex-Wife Melissa Kennedy

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Melissa Kennedy is widely known as the first and ex-wife of a popular American musician Travis Barker. Melissa is pretty successful with her career as she is the director and go-to-market customer & partner activation at a popular Networking hardware company Cisco.

Few might get confused because Melissa is also known as K. Melissa Kennedy. Travis has already not only married but also got divorced after his relationship with Melissa but what about his first wife Melissa? has she been seeing someone or got married?

You’ll get every answer about Melissa’s love life as well as her career, early life, education, and a few other things related to her.

She grew up in Fontana

Melissa was born on July 27, 1982, and since she was born on July 27, her zodiac sign is Leo. She will turn 40 this July. She was raised in Fontana, California, by her parents. She holds an American nationality and she belongs to the white race.

We don’t know which school she went to but after her school, she went to study BA in mass communication and journalism at the University of North Carolina. After that, she went to Vienna University of Economics and Business where she studied international business. Also, she earned her MBA degree in 2006 from the North Carolina State University.

Melissa Kennedy’s marriage with Travis Barker

Not much is known about their relationship but Rolling Stone has reported that the two began dating back in March 2000. If the report is true then a year after dating, they got married on September 22, 2001. The wedding was private were only a few family members and close friends were present.

Travis’ rock band Blink-182 was at its peak at the time of their marriage. Their marriage seemed fine but it was not, why? because even before their first marriage anniversary they decided to end their relationship and got divorced in August 2002 for an unknown reason.

Melissa and Travis did not have any children.

Melissa has a long career history

As mentioned Melissa has a long career or work history. Starting with NC State University where she served as public affairs coordinator from 2000 until she joined ChannelAdvisor Crop in 2005 as a product marketing manager. Other than that she has worked at Magnet Video serving as a director of the client strategy.

Furthermore, she has also worked at Bonnaroo as a vendor manager, and Melissa was also a president at Triangle Interactive Marketing Association. She has also been a part of UP Global: Triangle Startup Weekend. She has also been into real estate as she joined Pacific Sands Mortgage and Realty Inc. in 2003 as a salesperson and worked there for three years.

In March 2006 she joined Lifestyle Estates Realty And Funding Inc. and if reports are true then she is still serving as a real estate broker there.

As mentioned above Melissa is the director and go-to-market customer & partner activation at Cisco and she is also one of the founding members of Everleigh Brands, a Denver-based startup that sells cannabis-infused bath and body products to women. She is also the founder of 48 Innovate, as per her Linkedin account.

She has written a bestselling book

Her book The Innovation Revolution: Discover the Genius Hiding in Plain Sight is the bestselling book of Amazon. It was published back on February 28, 2017. The main motive of the book is ‘how to successfully build a business despite intense pressure.’

Who is Melissa Kennedy married to?

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We all know she was married to Travis Barker but did she re-married after she divorced Travis? well, we are not sure but since she is active on Instagram, she has shared a series of pictures with an unknown person and we believe that person is her husband.

Hold up, that’s not the only thing but she has also shared a few pictures of a baby and we believe that Melissa is the mother of that baby. Also, according to the sources, she currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

On the other hand, her ex-husband Travis was married to American model Shanna Moakler on October 30, 2004, but they could not work out their relationship so on February 8, 2008, they got divorced. Travis is currently dating famous media personality Kourtney Kardashian.

Melissa’s net worth

As mentioned, Melissa has a lot of working experience since she has worked in several companies and has founded one or two companies as well. She is also one of the bestselling authors so it is safe to assume that she has a net worth of at least $1 million.

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