Top 10 Characters who can Beat Goku


Goku is one of the most beloved characters in all of anime, but is there anyone who can beat him? The “No one can beat Goku” meme is very famous and a lot of people think that Goku is invincible. But this just might not be the case. This list takes a look at 10 characters in pop culture who are capable of defeating Goku. Let us start.

Why is Goku so hard to beat?

Goku has an unimaginable natural power level of over 300,000. This means he can move at light speed and destroy anything in his path with just a single punch. He is also nigh-invincible due to having no weaknesses or need for ki drain (energy) when fighting. In addition, he is a god-like warrior who has mastered fighting techniques that make him a force to be reckoned with.

Goku is also very intelligent and knows more than he lets on, which can lead opponents into traps or misjudge their own abilities against his. He’s possessed of incredible willpower as well, allowing him even greater feats of strength and endurance while it lasts. The ability to will oneself to do anything they set out to accomplish is not the limit for this one fighter in particular.

Lastly, Goku has an unbreakable spirit. Even when faced with impossible odds, he never gives up hope no matter what happens even if all seems lost to everyone else around them! This tenacity is something that makes him truly unbeatable because no matter what, he still believes in his own abilities.

10 Characters who can Beat Goku


Kratos is a main character in the God of War series, who has killed numerous gods in his journey. He’s also more than capable of beating Goku. He has got incredible power with him. The Ghost of Sparta has killed gods of Greek Mythology as well as Norse Mythology so, Goku should not be a problem.


Thor is a mighty god who can easily beat Goku, and with his hammer he is unstoppable. He also has the Axe which is incredibly powerful. The God of Thunder has impressive abilities.

Professor X

Professor Charles Xavier is a powerful psychic who can use his powers to destroy Goku. Professor X can even use his psychic power to make Goku weak from the inside and stop him altogether.


Batman has been fighting crime for quite some time and is one of the most well-known superheroes in all of pop culture. His intelligence, combat abilities, gadgets, and money make him an opponent that no one wants to face off against!

Mr Incredible

Mr. Incredible is just unstoppable with super strength and many other enhanced human traits which makes him completely unbeatable when it comes to those without any superhuman capabilities as he’s got them all covered!


Ultraman could easily beat Goku if they were having a battle on another planet becuase even though Goku would have Earth’s gravity working against him Ultraman would have Mars’s gravity working in his favor.

Iron Man

Ironman is a force to be reckoned with as he has the power of repulsors, unibeams, rockets and an arm that can turn into any weapon you could imagine! He also boasts quick thinking which would make him a tough opponent for Goku who relies on pure brute strength.

Captain America

Captain america is a good fighter who has the strength to take on Goku, and he also has an indestructible shield that can block almost anything! As well as his super-strength Captain America would have no problem being able to dodge whatever attacks were coming at him from all angles.

Wonder Woman

This Amazonian warrior princess would be more than capable of taking on goku with ease due to her superior speed and agility which gives her a huge advantage when it comes to dodging incoming attacks. She could easily knock out Goku using one punch or kick if she wasn’t holding back because then nobody would stand in her way again 😉

The Incredible Hulk

Even though Hulk is not technically a fighter this green giant wouldn’t have any problems at all knocking Goku to the ground with one punch but would need to watch his back when it comes to attacks that are coming from behind as he has no where near enough agility or quick-thinking for someone who relies on brute strength.

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