Who was Tommy Kono Wife?

tommy kono wife

Tommy was married in 1962 to a woman named Florence Rodriguez but there is no information available about his wife Florence. According to Google Arts & Culture Tommy and Florence had three children one daughter named JoAnn Sumida and two sons named Jamieson and Mark, and it is also written that Tommy and his wife had three grandchildren.

As per the reports, Florence was from Honululu and after their marriage, the couple settled in Honululu where Tommy began his coaching bodybuilding after retiring from weightlifting and bodybuilding. They were married for 53 years.

How did Tommy Kono die?

Tamio Tommy Kono better known as Tommy Kono was a famous Japanese American weightlifter. He did weightlifting from the 1950s to the 1960s and he holds four world records in different weight classes.

He was born on June 27, 1930, in Sacramento, California, United States, he was from a Japanese family but during World War II his family had to relocate to Tule Lake internment camp. He is two times Olympics gold medal winner and he also won a silver medal in the 1960 summer Olympics.

He was also honored and given many awards including the James E. Sullivan Award, Association of Oldetime Barbell, and Strongmen Highest Achievement Award, and his name was also filled up in the United States Olympic Hall of Fame.

Tommy died on April 24, 2016, in Honolulu, Hawaii, and according to USA Today, his daughter told that he died on Sunday due to liver disease (Hepatic Encephalopathy). He was 85 years old when he died.

On June 27, 2021, in honor of Tommy, Google Doodle celebrated his birth anniversary. Also, many people paid tribute to Tommy after his death.

How much did Tommy Kono lift?

Tommy Kono

As mentioned Tommy set a world record on 149 pounds (lightweight), 165 pounds (middleweight), 182 pounds (light-heavyweight), and 198 pounds (middle-heavyweight).

And according to the reports, he could even lift about 375 pounds. In 1960 Tommy said, “Success in weightlifting does not come from the body, There is power in the mind . . . You have to tighten up your mental fortitude to block out everything, including the man with the camera or an audience member coughing or laughing.”

How much was Tommy’s net worth?

Tommy was one of the greatest weight lifters in the world and he won many competitions including World Weightlifting Championships, the 1952 Summer Olympics, the 1956 Summer Olympics, the 1960 Summer Olympics, and Pan American Games.

He won two gold medals and one silver medal in the Olympics and he also received cash prizes and during his career as a weight lifter he earned a good amount of money and it is estimated that he had a total net worth of $1 or $2 million.

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