Who is Tom Selleck’s Step-Son, Kevin Selleck?

kevin selleck with Tom

Kevin Selleck is an American actor but he is more famous because of his father Tom Selleck. You might know him from the movies like Scream 2.

Kevin Selleck is Tom’s Stepson

Kevin Selleck was born in 1966. Kevin’s biological father and his mother Jacqueline got divorced when he was just a kid. Later, his stepfather adopted him and take care of him.

Kevin also has a step-sister named Hannah Margaret Selleck who is 20 years younger than him but he loves his step-sister very much. Kevin went to the University of Southern California for his education where he also used to play Volleyball just like his stepfather.

Kevin Selleck stands has a height of  6 feet 3 inches and he got brown hair with the same color eyes.

He was adopted by Tom Selleck when he was just 19 years old.

Drug addiction

When Kevin was 22 years old, he was sent to Betty Ford Rehabilitation Center because of his drug addiction which was making his life worse day by day. It was said that at first Kevin did not want to go to Rehab and there was a huge argument between father and son.

So, Kevin decided to go to Rehab and it was a very good pick because he got free from drug addiction. But later in 2011, once again Kevin was charged for doing fraud with a credit card company for $6,000.

Kevin has traveled Many Countries

Kevin Selleck has traveled to a lot of countries till now from Asia to Europe he has visited almost every country once. His hobbies include traveling to new places and observing new cities.

Kevin has had other hobbies like modeling. Due to his father’s popularity, he was also able to meet many popular actors like Johnny Deep and Jim Carrey.

Kevin was a die-hard fan of Aerosmith as well as Guns ‘n’ Roses, which also motivated him to create his new music band.

Kevin is a Musician

Kevin started his music career by joining the American rock bank called Tonic. He joined the group as a drummer.

Some other members of this band include Emerson Hart, Jeff Russo, Dan Rothchild, and Dan Lavery. This group released their first album in 1996 which actually went platinum.

And their band is pretty famous because as soon as they dropped their single song named “if you can only see” in 1997, this song was on number 11 of Billboard Airplay 100 but sadly, the same year this band got disbanded.

After ending this music career, he started to create his own lane in acting. He particularly went for TV appearances in series like Magnum P.I. and later did the movie named Scream 2 which helped him to get popular as an actor.


Kevin is currently married. His wife’s name is Annabelle Selleck. They got married on August 7 in 1987. They have six children together but we don’t really have their names currently.

It is not made public. The pair has had a healthy marriage with no rumors of divorce and cheating. They live happily and are still married after more than 30 years. By now Kevin doesn’t have any son or daughter.

Net Worth

Kevin had a platinum album in his music career and that is worth a lot of money. His estimated net worth is $18 million.

He makes money from different brand endorsements and advertisements. He also has solid investments and his career in Hollywood has also kind of helped him attain this wealth. We don’t have an idea about his salary though.

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