Who Is Tom Hanks ex-wife, Samantha Lewes?

Samantha Lewes

Samantha Lewes was famous for being actor Tom Hanks’s ex-wife, she has also played on some sitcoms. On the other side, her husband is one of Hollywood’s finest actors who have played roles in mega-hit movies like Cast Away, Forrest Gump, and The Green Mile.

You can still check out the sitcoms which were played by Samantha her roles are in Bosom Buddies (1980) and Mr. Success (1984) but sadly in 2002 she died of cancer, we will talk about it later in this article.

Who was Samantha Lewes?

Samantha was born in 1952 and her full name is Susan Jane Dillingham, was born in San Diego, California USA. She was an actor but her name was more famous being Tom Hanks’ wife at that time and being ex-wife at this time.

Her mother’s name is still unknown but she was an elementary English teacher and she spent most of her life as a teacher in England. Whereas, her father’s name is John Raymond Dillingham who was a US marine and also served in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam war.

Samantha was raised by a single mom and her life was not so good due to her parent’s trouble due to this, she spent her time being raised in many cities like California, Hawaii, Florida, and Virginia.

We know that she graduated from Sacramento State University, this is the same place where she met the actor Tom Hanks.

Susan always wanted to become an actress but her wish to be was not fulfilled and couldn’t make herself to the big screen. Anyway, she managed to land some of the small roles in Hollywood movies.

Samantha helped Tom Hanks fight his loneliness

Tom Hanks looks very interesting and famous guy but there are lots of trouble and struggle for him to stay up to this position. Talking with Desert Island Discs, Hanks told that he suffered a lot from serious illness and loneliness in his early days.

But that time his wife Samantha helped him a lot to fight the loneliness and anxiety, he married at the age of 21 but still, Samantha managed to cool him down and care for him a lot.

He said, “I was too young and insecure. I was 23 and my son Colin was already two when I married for the first time. I was looking for something I had not found as a kid, and a broken marriage meant I was sentencing my kids to the sort of feelings I had at their age.”

Samantha Lewes and Tom Hanks are college sweethearts

Samantha and Tom’s first meeting took place in Sacramento State University where both of them enrolled to complete their higher education. She was just 4 years younger than Tom, when they got married she was 16 years old and Tom was in his 20s.

In University both of them were taking acting classes, regular attendance to the classes turned their relationship into romantic love life. The couple tied the knot on January 24, 1978, and their wedding was held in a private ceremony.

Her children Colin and Elizabeth

Samantha shared her two children with her ex-husband Tom Hanks. Their son Colin was born on November 24, 1977, in Sacramento, California, United States, before they were even married.

As for their daughter Elizabeth, she was born on May 17, 1982, in Los Angeles, California, United States, four years after Samantha and Tom’s marriage. Both her children are doing great in their respective fields.

They were a happy family of four but everything shattered after Tom fell in love with Rita Wilson.

Tom and Samantha Divorce

This couple got divorced in 1987, and they started to live their life in their way. As per Tom Hanks, the main reason for divorce was being very young, immature and loneliness and he also added that when he became a parent he was just 21 years old and his wife was still in her teenage.

Hanks said he was very much worried about his children because of the trouble they will face after the divorce of their parents. Some sources have claimed that Tom tried everything he can do to save his marriage life but unfortunately, the plan was not successful and he was not able to save his relationship or marriage life.

Talking on the In Depth with Graham Bensinger Podcast, “I was sad, confused, emotionally crippled. I guess the house of cards has to fall in before you start to figure things out. Well, I felt like I was a complete, abject, total failure and everything I thought was working was not working.”

Samantha Bashed Tom for Harassment

While everyone thinks that Tom Hanks is a gentleman who cares for others very much, however, his first wife disagreed and might have thought that Tom is anything but a gentleman.

The couple stayed married and live a happy life for more than 9 years finally getting divorced in 1998. After the divorce, he got married to Rita Wilson, just after some months of divorce.

The cause of the divorce includes many issues including harassment from Tom Hanks. She made allegations that Hanks harassed her many times and even attempt to kill her, the statement was published in New York Times stating,

“My husband has repeatedly verbally abused and humiliated me during the past 90 days in my home. This caused me to suffer great emotional distress. Lewes hoped to squeeze an unfair settlement out of me.”

This statement shocked the Hollywood world because nobody thought they may hear this kind of allegations towards the Hanks.

Samantha remained single

In 2018 Samantha’s son Colin went to the Armchair Expert podcast where he opened about his mother’s life after divorce. She said that after the divorce he lived with his mother in Sacramento, California.

He was asked if his mother remarried or not and he said that his mother Lewes never married after that and ‘remained single’ through her entire life.

He further added that he used to go to Los Angeles with his father in the summer and he also remembered the lesson his mother gave him. He said that Lewes taught him never to take money for granted. He added, “I don’t know how much money that my mom was getting in alimony, but what I heard all the time was, ‘We don’t have the money. Your Dad has that. We don’t have that.”

How did Samantha Lewes die?

Samantha was diagnosed with bone cancer and even though she was divorced, Tom arranged experts for her treatment however, no matter how hard they tried they could not save her.

On March 12, 2002, Samantha left this world at the age of 49. Her body was buried at East Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Sacramento.

She would have been proud of her children

Both of her children Colin and Elizabeth were trying their best to become outstanding actors and obviously, they wanted both their parents to see them grow however fate had other things planned for them as they lost their mother before they rose up to stardom.

But we can say that if she was still alive then she would have been proud of her children as her son Colin is now one of the renowned actors of Hollywood who has been a part of successful movie projects like Jumanji The Next Level.

Likewise, Elizabeth has worked in a few movies and she is currently a writer and editor in the Huffington Post.

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