Will Tom Cruise and Chris Evans Playing in Dr. Strange 2?


Hello Marvel fans how is it going? Spiderman no way home has grossed 1 billion globally and we can expect Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness to do the same, why? Let’s break down.

Why did Spiderman gross 1 billion? Maybe no one will oppose it if I say it’s because the original Spiderman Tobey and Amazing Spiderman Andrew along with og villains were in the movie but why could Dr. Strange 2 break the records and earn billion?

Chris Evans in Dr. Strange 2

human torch

Well, there are many characters who are rumored to be in the movie but there is this one rumor that says that Chris Evans is going to return in Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness but not as our Captain America but what character will he play?

We already know that the movie is about the multiverse and many characters from the multiverse are going to appear and there is a rumor that Evans will return as Human Torch from the Fantastic Four (2005) and just imagine everyone thinking he is Captain America until he says flame on, as much as I love him to play Captain again, I’d love him to play as Human Torch as well.

There are also rumors that say we will see various characters from X-men in this movie and let’s not forget that the movie is called multiverse of madness so Marvel can bring anyone and it seems the movie will contain different characters from a different universe and we can also see Spiderman in this movie, why? Because the movie is directed by Sam Raimi who is the same director of the original Spiderman movie.

Not to mention Evans once twitted about Captain America and Human Torch cameo and now we might see their cameo in this movie, who knows after all it’s a multiverse of madness.

Is Tom Cruise Playing an Alternate Version of Iron Man in Dr. Strange 2?

tom cruise

We will talk about the rumors later but let’s tell you guys that according to The Hollywood Reporter, “No Way Home was a hit due to the abundance of actors crossing paths with one another and Loki was a hit due to its playfulness in having alternate versions of characters appear.”

And they decided to include more cameos in Dr. Strange 2 for which they even did reshoots so we should totally expect that this movie will be the next big movie of Marvel and we will see many characters in the movie.

So we all know that Tony Stark or Iron Man whose character was played by Robert Downey Jr. was dead in the Avengers Endgame but there are many versions of Tony and Iron Man in different universes and there are also rumors that suggest that Marvel is considering or approaching Tom Cruise to play Iron Man in Dr. Strange 2 as he was considered for the role originally.

I don’t exactly know if we will see Tom as Iron Man or not but we will see many cameos and character introductions in this movie and believe me when I say this movie has the chance to bring all of our childhood memories and this will be insane.

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