Who is an Actor and Comedian, TK Kirkland?

TK Kirkland

TK Kirkland is a stand-up comedian from America. He is quite famous in the States and he is known for his many standup specials like Are there any questions? and Who Raised You? among others. In addition to being a comedian, Kirkland is also a musician and has two comedy albums. He is also an actor and has played in many music videos and movies. Let’s take a look at his career today.

Kirkland is a Compton Native

TK Kirkland was born in the year 1961. His birthdate is April 3 and he was born in New Jersey. Yes, he is technically east coast! But he did not grow up around New York. Rather, he grew up all the way west in Los Angeles, California. He spent most of his adolescent years in California and this was where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Kirkland got this degree from Arizona State University. TK Majored in Communications.

After that, he joined California State University for getting a Master’s Degree. He wanted to study pathology initially but later opted to go study Management and then even did matriculation with Business and Communication.

A career in Comedy and Acting


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TK has done many comedy shows and performed along with very famous personalities like Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Kid Rock. He has been also influenced by Eazy-E’s rap career and draws inspiration from Rap music as a whole.

TK even opened for the American Hip-Hop group N.W.A back in the 1980s. He is often regarded as the “Gangsta of Comedy.” Around the early 90s, he did a partnership with HBO and appeared in the special named Mo’ Funny: Black Comedy in America.

In terms of his acting career, he began that with a crime drama named New Jersey Drive. The year was 1995 and this was the first actual Crime Drama that he did. He also appeared in many movies such as Strays as Rodney and Rising to The Top.

In the early 2000s, TK made appearances in Baller Blockin’ as Lieutenant Gaspard. After that, he featured in different movies such as Champagne Gang which was a pretty decent hit. In the year 2012, he played the role of Joey in the movie Birds of a Feather.

You can also see TK make his cameo in the music videos for many artists like N.W.A, 50 cent, and more. Kirkland is on many songs such as ‘Express Yourself’, ‘Window Shopper’ and ‘It’s Funky Enough.’

Comedy Specials

Kirkland is a comedian at heart. His first real standup special was released in 2008. It was titled ‘Are There Any Questions?’ and this stand-up feature remained the most popular show on Amazon for two months. After that, Kirkland released two back-to-back albums and both did well. Who Raised You? ultimately became one of the most popular comedy events on Amazon Prime.

After the standup, TK Kirkland also hosted a podcast show titled The TK Kirkland Show. It is a weekly podcast show where she shared his ideas to help people with relationships as well as financial issues and problems. In addition, there are other things in the show as well such as Job Searches and some other issues. This podcast is tuned in by thousands of people and has more than 200 Episodes in total as of August 21, 2021.

This is a very funny podcast as well where he covers many topics and has a really nice delivery and content as well.

Business Ventures and Investments


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Kirkland is also a businessman. He recently founded a management company that manages some top celebs and people in Hollywood. Hos clientele includes celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, DL Hughley, and Michael Epps.

After this successful business, he founded an Artistry Management Firm that manages Theatre, News Media, Radio, Movies, and more. In his businesses, Kirkland has worked with high-profile people like Sandra Bullock and John Leguizamo.

TK Kirkland’s Personal Life

TK is already married. His wife’s name is Tamara. The couple is blessed with three kids, they have two daughters and a son. Their daughters are named Trinty and Isis while their son is Aris. Kirkland was previously divorced and with his earlier partner, he had a son named Jordan. Even after the divorce, he is close and friendly to his previous spouse and takes care of his son from her. They often meet on special occasions and have a good time.

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