Where is Tiny Tim daughter Tulip Victoria?

tulip victoria

Herbert Butros Khaury or Herbert Buckingham Khaury who is popularly known as Tiny Tim was an American music artist, ukulele player, singer, and musical archivist.

Tiny was born on April 12, 1932, in Manhattan, New York City, United States, to Butros Khaury and Tillie Khaury. His mother was a garment worker and textile worker. When he was only five years old his father gave him an old or vintage gramophone and a record of Beautiful Ohio so he began to listen to it for hours.

He started being interested in music and after he turned six years old he started teaching himself guitar. After guitar, he started playing the violin. Sadly on September 28, 1996, he died of a heart attack.

In this article, we will be talking about Tiny’s daughter Tulip Victoria so if you want to know or learn about Tulip Victoria then this is the perfect article you should be reading, so we suggest you stick with us and read the full article.

Short Biography of Tulip Victoria

Tulip was born on May 10, 1971, to Tiny Tim and his first wife Victoria Budinger. Tiny Tim and Victoria were married on December 17, 1969, in The Tonight Show with millions of people watching.

A year and a few months later in 1972 Victoria was pregnant with Tulip and she gave birth to Tulip. By the time Tulip was three years old, her parents got divorced. Both of her parents married another person as per the reports.

This is the only information we have on Tulip Victoria or Tulip Khaury as there is not much information available on the internet about her so we don’t know what her zodiac sign is or her educational background.

Is Tulip Victoria Married or Single?

Tulip is not as famous or popular as her father Tiny Tim was so there is really just a little information available about her and on top of that Tulip is a private person so she does not want any on to know about her personal information so she has kept her relationship status hidden but it is confirmed that she is a married woman.

Back in 1995 her mother Victoria said in an interview that her daughter Tulip is already married and as per the sources, it is believed that her husband is a man named William Ervin Stewart.

Do Tulip and William Have Children?

Yes, Tulip and William do have children and are proud parents, as mentioned back in 1995 Tulip’s mother Victoria said in an interview that Tulip is a married woman but in the same interview, she also revealed that Tulip is a mother of two.

According to Victoria, their firstborn child is a daughter who they named Cherise and their secondborn child is a son who they named Jade. Also, back in 1997, there was a piece of news or a report that was published by AP wire and the report reads that Tulip is a mother of three.

Although we don’t know if her third child is a girl or boy and we don’t know the kid’s name but we can say that after some time of Victoria’s interview Tulip may have given birth to another child.

Is She Active on Social Media?

No, Tulip is not active on any social media platforms, according to various sources, Tulip and her husband William are now living in New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States.

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